Jalif Studio - Jonathan Darko and Tony Cisser - 1080p

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Holed up in a small, seedy bathhouse room, Euro studs Jonathan Darko and Tony Cisser are deep in the throes of a passionate kiss.

They run their hands over one another, and let them linger at the crotch of the other’s pants. Their lips tussle, and their tongues wrestle. Soon enough though, Tony lowers himself down and wraps his mouth around Jonathan’s rigid, uncut cock. Tony’s head bobs back and forth rhythmically, and he gets lost in the taste, and smell, of Darko’s loins. Jonathan leans back and lets the cocksucker go to town as he strokes his own stiff meat.

But these two are versatile! The two hunks switch places; Jonathan gets down on his knees and begins an oral assault on Tony’s fat uncut dick. They become intertwined in a 69 position and, while there, Jonathan reveals a dirty secret of his: he sniffs and huffs Tony’s sweaty socks and sneakers.

The smell must’ve triggered something. Clearly worked up, Jonathan makes Tony bend and slides his hard knob into Tony’s hungry hole. With Tony’s face pressed up against the mirror in the room, Jonathan jackhammers the hole, eliciting grunts from the bottom with each quick thrust. Jonathan shoves his own sneaker into Tony’s face, letting him sniff the sweaty shoe as he takes the pounding. If Tony didn’t share Jonathan’s kink before, he does now: his eyes roll back into his head.

The two return to the 69, swallowing each other’s cocks as they begin to build to an orgasmic crescendo. Jonathan rubs his sweaty socks all over Tony’s face as Tony seamlessly continues to work Jonathan’s cock in and out of his mouth. The two studs jerk themselves off, leaving themselves in a pile of their own mess.

Big Dick, Blowjob, Deep Throat
2023-02-19 07:27:36
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