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There is not that many submissions for dickdorm that they base it on a movie, but this latest one could be the most creative way to have a bunch of dudes fuck each other. After a few drinks, these group guys decided to do a human centipede, but out of all gay dudes. More like a human centipenis. The entire idea seems too far out there, but these guys made it work. A total of five guys were fucking each other in a centipede mode. Pretty hot and gay if you ask me.

Format: .avi
Size: 737 MB
Lenght: 00:53:30
Frame width: 768
Frame height: 432
Data rate: 904 kbps
Total bitrate: 1928 kbps
Frame rate: 30 fps
2013-12-11 08:44:34
737.93 MB (773,773,386 bytes)
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