Cre8tive Juices - Storm Chronicles Ep 2 - Hole Milk

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The plot (and cum) thickens in THE STORM CHRONICLES: EPISODE 2: HOLE MILK. SEAN STORM’s part-reality/part-fiction sexual odyssey hybrid picks up directly where his cum-filled ass left off in DIRECT DEPOSIT. In HOLE MILK, Sean and his fellow barebacking bottoms take on raw cock in the classic missionary, doggie and squat fuck positions that you have spermed over in the past, yet add more positions and cre8tivity to the jism hijinks!

The cre8tive juices begin flowing right from the start. In a hypnotic dream state, Sean dreams of "taking one guy’s load after another guy’s load" as his and a mysterious stranger’s balls, pits, holes and feet are worshipped by the camera. What happens next is one of the many highlights of HOLE MILK: A man jacks off into a blue funnel sticking out of Sean’s hole. One glob of cum slowly works its way down to the bottom and disappears into Sean’s cavity, only to get overloaded with more globs until the cum is bottlenecked at the opening of his hole with nowhere else to go. At this point the viewer gets the full impact of how much cum is finding and working its way into Sean. Our insatiable bottom then inserts a blue glow-stick into his hairy cumhole, forcing all the jizz that’s in his ass deeper up into his guts. Finally, Sean has to release what has been fed to him and, with the camera up close and personal on his cummy crack fuck hole, he squirts the mystery man‘s load back out of his ass. Sean then dreams of shooting his own load. In the hallway to his bathroom, he raises his legs up, showing off his hole, and then pops one off. Seconds later, Sean is woken up just as his lover Ian Rawlings gives him a "Good Morning!" load onto and into Sean’s sacred spot.

A morning like that deserves an encore of uninhibited excitement. Sean Storm isn‘t alone among the number of gay men who have spent time tapping their feet and giving and/or receiving in The Hunt for tearoom sex. When Sean was a student at Illinois State University he spent many afternoons looking for a simple thrill in the men‘s bathroom at the student center. Sean brings this personal matter to attention in HOLE MILK. While at a plywood store Sean engages in some anonymous bareback sex with superhung Cre8tive Juices top man AUSTIN SHADOW. Once Sean sees Austin’s throbbing bone poking through a glory hole, both sets of Sean’s lips are soon wrapped around that big piece of meat. Austin mounts Sean through the glory hole as our bottom bends over and offers up his twitching hole for Austin to use, abuse and blow inside of. …without even a ‘Hello’ or ‘Goodbye’.

Viewers who have seen DIRECT DEPOSIT will recall that Sean Storm’s identical twin brother showed up at his door demanding that Sean stop doing porn. Fearing for his safety, Sean enlists the help of his FAMOUS ANUS co-star BEN ARCHER to be his bodyguard. Ben’s job outline is to use force when force is necessary, something that he does convincingly well to the unsuspecting cock-hungry bottom DEVON. Before you can say "FUCK ME RAW!", Ben has Devon sprawled out face-down on a lounge recliner, jeans ripped apart and Ben’s pulsing bare cock stuffed deep inside of cock-greedy Devon’s willing hole. It doesn’t take Devon long to succumb to Ben’s rough man-fucking style, and the two wind up in the pool splishing and splashing to a climax.

Next, viewers who enjoy wanking off to a tall, handsome, super hung top man systematically seducing and conquering a fresh, young, smooth, hungry bottom twinks raw ass will be cum-pletely delighted in the following scene. Hot and horny top Alex Pitt is sucked eagerly by newbie twink boy Cody Andrews, whose mouth can’t get enough of the taste of Alex’s enormous precuming cock! Alex first standing, then sitting back on the bed, encourages Cody to slurp on his delicious manmeat and get it ready to plunge deep into Cody’s fuck hole. Cody’s eyes tear from the deep throat pounding, with Alex gliding his engorged dick deep throat style down into Cody’s mouth. Soon Alex wants some twink butt. But first, he wants to rim that hairless hole and taste Cody’s delicious ass! This sends the youth into ecstasy and he is very quickly begging Alex to bareback fuck his asshole. Alex mounts Cody, and fucks this twink in a spectacularly filmed and edited scene of raw carnal lust and erotic, sexual abandon. Cody’s hole is fucked hard and raw, the way he likes it, and he responds by opening up more and more for Alex and for the camera, until you can literally see right inside and practically follow Alex’s wrist thick bare cock in and out of Cody! Finally, after several amazing minutes of intense up close bareback fucking, Alex can hold it no longer, and blasts his release all over!

IAN RAWLINGS and SEAN STORM give viewers a trick AND a treat when Ian delivers his unwrapped Halloweenie to Sean’s hairy spooge-hungry hole. Ian tells Sean to bend over and take his raw British cock. Knowing that his hole will be getting juiced up soon, Sean does as he is told and is soon relishing in that wonderful, glorious skin on skin feel. From underneath Ian delivers another one of his famously wicked cumloads to Sean’s eager man-beaver. The chemistry is so hot between the two lovers that neither wants to stop. Ian lays on his back and Sean straddles him, lowering his freshly-cum-fucked hole onto Ian’s already polished pole. Sean delivers another of his signature squats, riding up and down on Ian’s raw cock. Their rhythm is so intense that the viewer can almost feel how it would be to have his own cock sliding up inside of Sean’s puckered butt. Ian sure knows how it feels. He delivers a second load to Sean’s ass, making it two treats dropped in Sean’s basket in one scene.

CRE8TIVE JUICES next welcomes porn star BRAD MCGUIRE to the team. Sean and Brad have worked on a number of safer sex porn shoots in the past, but were never filmed having sex with each other. After Brad points out to Sean that he wished it had been him fucking Sean in Centaur Films’ MAN HUNTER instead of Trey Rexx, director BUDDY LONG sets the two up to fuck for the first time on film - TOTALLY BAREBACK! Posing as Officers Bone and Stone on a CSI-like porn film called TWELVE ANGRY SEAMEN: HUNG JURY, McGuire and Storm are soon naked and nasty in a well-used sling. The two superstars work their chemistry well as McGuire stuffs Sean’s hungry hole with his massive bone. This scene is one of Sean’s personal favorites, and is also the first time Sean’s SMOOTH HOLE has ever been barebacked on film.

Viewers will surely drop a load as Brad McGuire delivers one is his nastiest, creamiest milk deliveries ever recorded on film. HOLE MILK will once again leave viewers wanting more with a twist ending that we can’t reveal at this time. With cumloads in the double digits, and a dose of fun extras, the 2-hours-plus Ian Rawlings-edited masterpiece is a MUST HAVE for porn lovers across all genres.

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