Boys Halfway House - Incident #071 Teamed & Creamed

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Sometimes, no matter how hard he tries, a guy just can’t escape his worst proclivities. This resident is a perfect example. When he gets a hold of contraband, he goes whole hog, and he can’t even bother to hide the evidence. His infraction was serious enough to involve another House Manager, so the two of us barged into his room early in the morning in order to let him know just what we thought about him.
He stirred while we were removing some of his excess clothing, but even though he kind of knew what he was in for, it didn’t seem to hit him right away. Needless to say, before long he had two huge cocks in his mouth. The poor guy could barely hold back from gagging onto our dicks. He has a beautiful butt, and that is the next item on the menu. My buddy shoves his bare cock inside this little guy, and he lets out a scream of agony. Personally, I didn’t give a shit about his situation, and I shoved my cock in his mouth just to shut him the fuck up. He looks good getting spit-roasted, but this is just the beginning. In order to get a better view of that ass, we flip him over on the bed and my fellow Manager continues to loosen him up, pounding faster and deeper with each stroke. After some more fucking and sucking, we decide that he is good enough to ride for a while. While impaling himself on dick, he continues to get his mouth stuffed. His fuck-hole sure feels good, and my friend is about to bust, so we flip the dumb-shit over and he gets a load all over his face and mouth. I swipe as much of the spilled jizz as I can into his mouth.
He thinks it’s over, and like the prick he is gives me a shit-eating grin and flips me off, as if to say “I made it through – screw you!” What he didn’t plan on was me using his blown-out hole as a cum receptacle. As I flip him over onto his stomach, the smirk quickly fades, and as I shove my cock inside him he begins with the groaning once again. His ass was still tight! This fucker sure has a retractable cunt. His gaping mouth has a nice film of fresh sperm, and as I move him to sitting on my cock he willingly complies. Those sphincter muscles gripping my shaft, though, felt too damn good, and as much as I would have like to fuck him for another hour, I decided to roll him on his side and pound him hard until the end. Grabbing his small athletic body tightly, I pump him until I cum. After depositing several ounces of jizz deep up his cunt, I pull out and leave the last few drops on his leg. This prick will never be amount to anything more than a stupid whore, but at least he’s pretty.
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