William Higgins - Andrej (Enrique Vera) and Rosta - Screen Test FULL CONTACT 4k

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Andrej Lamos aka Enrique Vera from BelAmi

Released: August 19, 2015
Models: Rosta Benecky, Andrej Lamos

Includes video capture photos. William Higgins calls it 4k, but it's actually 2k. Still better than 1080p.

In a great screentest we have Rosta Benecky and Andrej Lamos. They enjoy some kissing, whilst sitting on the bedframe. Then they stand and begin to undress each other, releasing to big hard cocks from their pants. As they play with the cocks they kiss again. Then Andrej drops to his knees and takes Rosta’s massive pole in his mouth. He sucks on that big cock, taking it as deep as he can. Then, as they move to the bed Rosta takes a turn at sucking. His mouth envelopes Andrej’s throbbing cock and he licks and sucks it real good. Then Rosta lays on his back and lifts his legs up, making his ass available to Andrej. Andrej gets to work, inserting a toy into Rosta’s eager hole. As his hole gets worked Rosta wanks on his big, stiff, dick. Andrej leans over to suck on that big cock as he fucks the toy into Rosta’s hole. Then he turns Rosta onto his side and shoves his cock deep into the waiting hole. Rosta can take cock real well and does so now. They move and Rosta sits his hot hole down on Andrej’s stiff cock. He rides that dick real well. Next the move to missionary, with Andrej slamming his cock deep into Rosta’s ass. Rosta wanks on his huge dick as he take Andrej’s cock. As he wank his cock gets even harder and shoots his creamy cum all over his belly. Andrej is ready too and pulls out to dump his hot cum too. Then he leans forward to kiss Rosta once more after a great scene.
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