Le Salon- Fleshstones (Marathon Films) (1985)

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Got the porn blues? Well, don't dump your VCR yet... here's five new, hard pounding featurettes that will sizzle your plumbling. "Fleshtones" stars a dozen of the freshest, hunkies young superstuds in films -- all guaranteed to raise your pulse rate from jaded to jackin'.

1. The Paperboy
Shawn Peters At, Sam (Sum Yung Mahn)
Big and blond, Shawn Peters delivers a load and a half when he plows Sam, a willing Oriental hunk!

2. The Poolboy
Brian Thompson, Champ (Ron Collier)
Two young studs, Brian Thompson and Champ, strip out of their trunks, and get down to some very sweaty, X-Rated sports!
found in compilation Lusty Lovers

3. The Plumber (LeSalon)
Jake Scott (80s), Mark Christopher
Jake Scott, a muscular blond plumber, rams his oversize pipe down the moist tubes of Mark Christopher!
found in compilation Big Shooters 2 (LeSalon): Jake Scott

4. The Truck Stock
Joe Nevada, David Reams
A horny trucker, Joe Nevada, gets it on, hard and fast, at a deserted truckstrop with David Reams, a young hitchhiker!

5. The Orgy (Marathon)
Joel Curry, Brian Thompson, Toby Harris, Lee Roy (80s)
The hottest poolside four-way ever -- a ball blasting classic starring Joel Curry, Toby Harris, Brian Thompson and Lee Roy!


Brian Thompson
Champ (Ron Collier)
David Reams
Jake Scott (80s)
Joe Nevada
Joel Curry
Lee Roy (80s)
Mark Christopher
Sam (Sum Yung Mahn)
Shawn Peters
Toby Harris

Director: David McCabe
2013-07-17 11:19:28
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