MT Productions/TCS Studios - All American Boys (1982) DVD

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Director: Mark Reynolds

Lee Ryder, John Jeffries, Jacques Chalon, Lyle Williams, Bob Wade

These guys prove that college youth have an unquenchable drive to experience everything. Hung superstar Lee Ryder finds that college boys will try anything once. This film really makes the grade. A French college student learns all about the world of American sex in this 1980s sex romp. As Jacques gets acquainted with campus life, his horny American roommates and half the school's athletes gets acquainted with his body.

Scene 1 - Jacques Chalon Solo
When Jacques meets his roommate John Jeffries at U.C.L.A. John has bought Jacques some gym shorts and after parading around bare chested himself, John strips and gets dressed to go out on a date. This seems all to be too much for Jacques who pulls off the new shorts and pulls off a load of cum. Jacques takes a shower showing off his modest body. John comes back and makes veiled conversation about not being happy and being different.

Scene 2 - Campus Threeway - Bob Wade, Lee Ryder & Jacques Chalon
Jacques meets Bob Wade while while jogging. They go back to Jacques' room and Lee Ryder is already there. Bob and Lee already know each other and while Jacques goes to the bathroom they plan on seducing him with poppers. Jacques takes a whiff and he is soon in a haze. Bob works on Jacques's crotch and pulls down the high Frenchman's jogging pants, sucking on the exposed cock. Lee opens his pants and feeds his big cock to Jacques. Lee cums a few drops onto Jacques chest. Lee has his pants all the way off and puts Jacques' legs in the air for his first fuck with Bob feeding him cock above. Now Bob takes his turn at fucking the stones Frenchman but Lee hasn't had enough and takes another turn himself. Lee pulls out and gives a bigger load of jism this time. Lee fucks some more and Jacques spills his seed in squirts that match Lee's thrusts. A stunned Jacques lies naked in bed as the two take off.

Scene 3 - Dorm Dicks - John Jeffries & Jacques Chalon
John comes back and finds Jacques desolate. John drags out the story about the afternoon. John move in to console the conflicted roommate and they kiss like long lost lovers. Jacques only has white jockey shorts separating his hardened uncut prick from John's wet lips and soon doesn't have even that as John sucks him off and them gets himself naked too. After sucking some more by John, they switch to a 69 until Jacques rears up and rides his ass on John's face. With a little more finger prep, Jacques is applying his stiff lance to John's hole and then give a modest load of cum on John's backside. During the after sex cool down, Jacques says he liked this sex better and John reveals that he is gay and has a lover named Steve.

Scene 4 - Poolside Pricks - Lyle Williams & John Jeffries
John is lying naked face down in the sun on a deck lounge with Steve's face nestled in his crack. Steve stands to let John suck him. Steve bends over for some rimming. John lays back for some sucking. John puts his ass in the air for some more deeper rimming. Now opened enough he takes Steve hot sword all the way in. Steve stands and bends over for the climax fucking, jism on ass, refucking and kissing.

Also released by Falcon/Jocks  JVP 020.
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