MasonicBoys - Apprentice Tyler Chapter 4 - Atonement - Legrand Wolf & Chase Tyler BB with Felix Kamp, Ryan St Michael watching [1080p]

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Release date: 17th February 2023

I didn’t have a clue what they meant when they told me I needed to attend an atonement ceremony. Nevertheless, I’ve learned to never ask questions or try to imagine the greater purpose of the many mystical rituals in this place. It’s best simply to expect the unexpected and fully embrace the intensity of the moment when it arrives.

There was something a little scary about the concept of atonement, though. It implies sin and the need for punishment—by the time I’d reached the ceremonial space, I’d worked myself up into a state of pure terror! Had I done something wrong in the eyes of The Order?

The room caught me off guard. I was expecting an airy, light space, like the one where I was anointed. But this place was oppressive and dark; so dark, in fact, that I couldn’t tell how large it was. A number of candles in ornate holders flickered and filled the room with ghostly shadows.

Three stern masters sat in the room, waiting. They barely acknowledged me as I walked in, which was unnerving because I knew two of them fairly well. Master Kamp had interviewed me when I first arrived here, and Master St. Michael anointed me about a month ago. I was excited to see them both. My encounters with them had been utterly mind-blowing in an almost profound way.

The person in the room whom I’d not yet met was Grandmaster Legrand. And, lemme tell you, his presence sent shivers down my spine. I guess you could say that Legrand is a legend within The Order; I’d only ever seen him from a distance, but it’s impossible not to be drawn-in and hypnotized by him. He exudes power, wisdom and authority and he's one of the tallest men I’ve ever seen.

The Masters sat on antique, velvet upholstered chairs. I scanned their faces for hints. I blushed as I looked into Master St. Michael’s eyes, remembering what we’d done together. It was hard to know whether any of this had been discussed between the Masters. Was it a secret that I was expected to keep? Was my atonement related to what I’d done with those men?

There was a long bench in front of the Masters which was covered in a black satin sheet. I could make out the shape of something which resembled bottles underneath the fabric. Master Kamp stood and slowly removed the cloth. He revealed a wooden bench with what looked like a row of large, shiny, black chess pawns attached to it.

Kamp then stood behind me and started to touch me; he undid my tie and then, one by one, the buttons on my shirt. He knew the effect he had on me. He’d driven me utterly wild during my interview and was obviously hell-bent on getting me back into a similar state of sexual openness. Grandmaster Legrand watched intently, but I could not discern from his expression what he was thinking.

Kamp unbuckled my belt. He unzipped my pants and ran his palm over the tip of my dick until I was harder than I’ve ever been in my life. I closed my eyes and allowed the waves of pleasure to surge and fizzle through my body like beautiful bolts of electricity, forgetting, for a moment, where I was and who was looking on.

My trance broke when Legrand gave me permission to approach. My heart leapt into my mouth as I walked towards him. He reached out and touched me with his long fingers, and teased my dick from the safety of my garments.

I could feel Legrand’s mouth running over my dick. His hands drifted tenderly up and down my back. Suddenly, I became aware that St. Michael was also touching me. I rapidly lost track of who was touching me, and where. All I knew was that it felt incredible to be lost in their hands. I didn’t want it to stop.

I was pulled out of my reverie by the sight of Master Kamp rubbing oil on the pegs on the bench. At that moment I realized, with some degree of horror, that I was going to be forced to sit down on them. And sure enough, seconds later, I was led across to one end of the bench while Kamp used his fingers to gently push oil into my hole.

Grandmaster Legrand ordered me to sit down on the first peg. A switch of obedience flipped in my mind. I did as instructed, nervously squatting over the peg. I willed myself to stay relaxed as I lowered myself down. It slid into me with relatively little discomfort, but as I glanced along the bench and saw how large the pegs were at the other end, my ass began to clench. Legrand told me to ride the peg. I found myself drowning in his eyes, grinding up and down the peg while imagining I was riding his dick.

Then the Grandmaster told me to move onto the next peg, which was a little larger than the first, and then the next, which was larger still and made my ass feel like it was being stretched almost dangerously wide. All the time, Kamp and St. Michael were touching, caressing and kissing me - encouraging me with their eyes, lips and hands to stretch my own physical and mental limits.

The fourth peg caused me to gasp and wince. It genuinely made me feel like I was being ripped apart, but I trusted the Masters: I knew they were watching out for me and ensuring that I wasn’t being forced into doing anything unsafe or damaging. It was my will power which was achieving the unimaginable. They had simply shown me how to access it.

The fifth peg was somehow bigger still! I didn’t even want to look at it. I knew the sight of it would instantly make me want to throw in the towel. I took a deep breath and willed myself down. The experience made me shiver uncontrollably, but when I achieved my goal, a near-orgasmic sense of accomplishment gripped me.

The sixth and final peg was insanely large. Grandmaster Legrand made me feel it with my hand to appreciate the enormity of the task he’d presented to me. I genuinely tried my hardest to get it inside me. I forced myself to remain calm and relaxed, but it was ultimately no good. It hurt like hell and I had to acknowledge defeat. I felt utterly crushed.

I knew deep down that my failure would require some form of punishment and, sure enough, Legrand immediately told me to kneel down on the bench. I instinctively knew that he was going to fuck me.The thought excited me, but also made me unconscionably nervous.

Legrand hastily unzipped and pulled down his pants, roughly grabbing my hand and pulling it towards the bulge in his garments. His dick was monstrous in size; no wonder I was prepped with the boards first. I genuinely didn’t know that penises got that big on human beings! I squeezed it tentatively. It was thick, bulbous and throbbing, and going in me one way or another.

I squatted over the bench again and held my breath as the head of Legrand’s beast slowly entered me. By all accounts it should have been the most uncomfortable thing in the world, but the pegs had opened me up. I managed to take it without screaming the place down.

Grandmaster Legrand was soon grinding in and out of me, pumping his raw cock deep into my guts. It was an unbelievable sensation; I could feel my balls swelling and filling with cum in response. During this, St. Michael leaned over me and grabbed my dick. I started to panic that I’d end up shooting my load before fully appreciating the beauty of the moment.

My body felt alive; It was humming with pleasure, both inside and out. And then; the pace and depth of Legrand’s thrusting altered. He became frenzied, almost violent. He was close. The thought of making him cum made me proud, and I hoped made The Order proud, too.

It happened. I could feel Legrand gushing, filling my insides with a lust-fueled injection of new life. And at that very moment, I realized what atonement was all about. It was about re-appraisal. It was about ditching the old me and working towards becoming the best possible version of myself. I instantly felt pure, excited and hugely optimistic. I was ready for the next step in this remarkable journey towards enlightenment, and the new lessons from The Order I’d have to take along the way...

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