CMNM (10-18)

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CMNM (10-18)

Some films from CMNM.NET, years 2008-2010 aprox

CMNM 10 (WILLIAM):This the first period that hetero William has had sexual contact with other people. He attempts to do something tough but he gets quite nervous and quiet while the guys gradually strip down him and grope each single inch of his entire body. It truly is quite a jolt to his macho sensibility currently being forced to feel like such a cheap slut whilst the repetitive dominant guys have their pleasure !
CMNM 11 (Christian): Christian is a sporty young bloke who plays rugby. He comes in for a regular physical complaining of some tension in his muscles, but has no clue he's about to be subjected to the intense, invasive physical examination of his lifetime. Three clothed doctors examine and fondle his muscular nude body making the boy feel uncomfortable and incredibly self-conscious about his exposed genitals. Christian is disgusted by how intimate the physician's get sniffing his arse and tasting his urine. It angers this blessed young athlete at the prime of his life his nude body is there simply for the amusement of this pervy group of physicians that take his anal virginity by penetrating his ass for the first time.
CMNM 12 (Don): His name is Do and he is one of the best university professor’s assistant. He is doing all the hard work while the professor takes all the credits. He started to feel bad about not getting enough credits for his work and decided to have a word with the professor abut this. When he enters in the office he finds the professor kissing with his other assistant and he gets shocked. The professor invites him to join them so they can talk about the incident, ut poor Don is lost, he almost forgot why he came in in the first place. While he sits down the professor asks him to forget everything he saw a minute before, or he will lose his assistant position and Don promises to do anything he wants saying that he will keep his mouth shot, n fact he never even saw anything. Well the professor likes what he hears, but he likes checking out Don’s body even more, and he starts taking off Don’s shirt and rubbing his chest. Don is kinda attracted to the other assistant so he lets them do whatever they wont to hm, and the guys start undressing Don and running heir hands on his body. Then Don feels a warm hand touching his cock and he starts moaning slowly, while the guy jerks his cock and the professor plays with his balls. Don feels that he is getting close to cum and moans out loud while he shoots a huge load of cum all over he place.
CMNM 13: ¿?
CMNM 14 (Darren): This cute guy’s name is Darren and he just graduated the university and been looking to find a good job. His uncle is an important person so he managed to pull some strings for Darren and arranged him an interview for a really good job. Darren was super excited but he will soon to be find out that in order to get a job he has to be someone’s bitch.Finally the day has come and he went to the office for he interview. The three members of the boar seemed to be cool guys who were happy to welcome Darren and sit down for a chat. However hey haven’t been interested in his work experience or his studies. They were more interested in his sex body and Darren got the hint pretty fast and realized that if he wants this job, he has to do whatever these guys want. As these guys in suits started undressing Darren, he started to have a hard on a and he actually liked getting his body and his cock inspected. Soon the guys started to lick and finger his ass.
CMNM 15 (Nick):The CEO of a big company needed a new assistant and Nick applied right away. The CEO was more interested in Nick’s picture and since he is cute and god looking, the guy invited him for an interview. Nick was so excited and he decided that he will do anything it takes to get his job. The boss however, decided to invite his most trusted people from the company so they can together evaluate Nick’s “skills”.Nick put on his best suit and went to the meeting. When entering in the office they guys were already waiting for him and all of them been impressed by his looks and presence. They liked the fast that he is shy and bald in the same time, that he is willing to do whatever t takes to please his soon to be boss. But poor Nick had no idea that these guys are gay and they want a piece of his ass. When they started to undress him he was a bit shocked but as he felt the guys grabbing his cock he started to enjoy the feeling and he decided to the the guys to do whatever they want to him So they started touching and exploring hi body, and after jerking his cock they even gave him a blowjob making him shoot a nice big load of cum. Nick got the job and he know that from no on he is going to have lots of fun with these guys.
CMNM 16 (Alec):Alec is just a difficult guide employee who's used-to work that is difficult, but rsquo & he; s as soft as he does when dollar nude within the CMNM workplace. It becomes all-too severe for him once the employers discover his asshole by smelling and prodding at it. Alec moves really red faced. The prominent males create him reveal his many personal routines so that they are personal as enthusiasts by purchasing him to exhibit them he jerks off.
To get a happy right guy, he discovers it agonizing being designed to dance intimately and imitate rimming and drawing the dressed males. Following this brief disturbing program being bare for three matched entrepreneurs he’s
been completely changed
CMNM 17 (Ben):Ben is eaguer to join the rugby team, in order to do so he has to let these pervy sponsors make a full examination and physical exam to his body first, he has no option but to sucumb to the filthy men hands
CMNM 18 (Matthew):n these cmnm videos we usually combine business with amusement. We love wearing our wonderful suits and working quite hard, even so, if we want to chill we get a willing young businessman to strip. The hot macho scent that hails from his tight butthole drive us into a madness. Matthew is overcome as the three of us required his consideration, groping his bare body all over making him display his sexy body. He get his dick milked and his asshole fingered. This sure is a crash course to this athletic straight guy in being entirely subservient to the needs of three clothed men.You’ve seen the sexy and horny Matthew before in one of our scenes, and today this sexy hunk makes his way back for a nice encore as he lets his bosses play with his cock and balls once more in this nice and hot scene. Sit back and watch once more as he gets his clothes taken off completely revealing one superb and sexy stud body underneath. Watch closely as the other guys take their turns to give him some nice hand jobs, and watch as Matthew moans in pleasure of the treatment. And of course he got to blow his load, otherwise this wouldn’t have had a satisfactory ending today. Enjoy it guys!

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