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Today I'm bringing back a couple of rough trade studs who i've put together to tag team me and fuck the shit out of me with no regrets! Today I've put together Steklar and Jossiah, making them do "gay" things for money with each other but more importantly taking out their straight aggressions on my ass and the straight cock was everywhere making this one of the hottest group scenes i've done so far.
Now Steklar and Jossiah were very nervous when they met each other and during the photo shoot they didn't say very much. I could tell that they weren't sure how this would go down and they were looking to me for guidance. Well first order of business, get Jossiah a shot of tequila and Steklar toked a little and before long they were cracking up. I moved the party down to my bedroom where I had everything set up for the shoot.
We got started rolling and I sat the two guys next to each other and asked them to start playing with themselves. This kinda broke the ice and before long I had them butt naked next to each other stroking their cocks. They both were surprisingly hard almost immediately which made me think I'm not the only one turned on here. Next I asked Jossiah to take Steklar's cock and I asked Steklar to grab Jossiah's cock and start stroking. The looks on their faces were priceless.
Next I made my way down to the floor on my knees as I took both of their cocks in my hands and in concert began stroking them. I started sucking Jossiah first and then made my way to Steklar and they were both totally zoned into the porn on the monitor. At this point I could tell that they were both totally into what was going on only they had a wall in between them as they tried very hard not to look over at what I was doing to their cocks.
Once the fucking got started it was all over for me. These two straight guys fucked me in all kinds of positions, taking turns on my ass and really taking giving me a run for my money. They earned their pay today because these two studs fucked the shit out of me and delivered two loads that will leave you creaming! This was a sleazy fuck and its all caught on tape.
2015-10-06 11:15:18
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