GAI - Aqua

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Decent production values, good music, a young cast and that little rascal Stonie make up this plotless - yet connected by water motifs - title from artful director Ginetto di Masolo.

Set against trees and rocks and waterfalls, our first smooth pair - while a Barry White reject song plays - get to the point. Coffee-colored Jarred Kentley sucks creamy white boy Josh Peters for a spell before unleashing a pretty long dong, which white boy tastes really deeply. They’re joined in a pool by uncut shrimp-dicked Lex Kitau, who is either Asian or Hawaiian, I’m not certain. Nice underwater photography as they suck and fiddle faddle about. Could be nice if they shot an entire porn underwater - they could call it The Abyssal Ass or something. (Journey to Asslantis maybe? Hmm.)

The trio fuck in all sorts of positions, both above and underwater. Hot! Peters plugs Lex’s unmarred ass while Kentley sucks away (surely without any gagging issues) before switching out his bottoms. The climactic underwater cumshots are pretty cool, although Kentley opts for the traditional landlubber thing, shooting all over his chest.

Nelly blonde Lexx Parker, who seems to be borrowing Madonna’s True Blue hairstyle, orally frolics with uncut Marco Bari in the sprinklers, getting grass caught all up in their mouths as well as cock. Bari eats that obvious drag queen’s ass but good and then jams his thick dark dick into that shaved hole, forcing the guy into all sorts of bent over, curled-up positions. Marco even does the ol' up-down maneuver, standing and squatting as Parker keeps his ass straight up in the air like a flower awaiting pollination. Asserting what’s left of his masculine self, however, Parker gets aggressive and cums on his top’s back.

Boyish Latino Julio Icente seduces butch Boris Pago into a shower while some pretty tune plays. He’s rewarded with oral action and a dick up the asshole. The director, by the way, has a thing for the bottom grasping his balls back. Just wanted to note that. Anyways, Pago screams "fuck my little ass" and moans, competing for soundtrack dominance (the high-volume music wins ultimately). Pago drops a sizable load on Pago’s back, which sets his partner into churning out a slo-mo creamy wad.

As a Moby-like track plays, we hit the hot tub for a four-way, which is fine but doesn’t warrant extensive description: you know, the standard oral, ass-eating, fucking in various configurations, some of which are athletic. Gay Games, anyone?

Finally, we get our Stonie, who is paired up with equally cute, uncut hunk Rocky. Wordlessly, they go about their business on a wet plastic sheet. A pretty adept pair, Stonie licks and sucks about every inch of Rocky’s body (at least below the waist), for which Rocky is happy to return the favor. Stonie’s the only one who gets fucked, though, so Rocky isn’t fully versed in the notion of quid pro quo.

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