Cam4 Boy Collection 101 Part 1 ~Solo

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I went to the pains of lurking on Cam4, and I found these gems.
A decent size collection of screen-recorded vids, some have cum shots, some are just body, some are ass, some are cock and some are a combination of all or some of what I just said.
I cut and copied and pasted using Camtasia Studio and this is the result :)
I personally jack-off to all these videos, I think they are amazing.
If you have any questions, pm me.
5 star ratings, thanks, and seeding are all appreciated.

Edit: please excuse the additional sound towards the end of the clip (right around 52 minutes) I guess my microphone was on at this time and I did not know it... all that you will hear is me coughing once and then my American Indian Tribal Music playing towards the end (cause I am THAT gay) I apologize for this little audio inconvenience, just mute the video because none of the recordings have sound.

Edit2: I think what I am going to do is lurk Cam4, because I like doing it... and every.. what? Month? Other week? I will upload another part :D
2010-05-06 08:08:13
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