AllAmericanHeroes - PFC Jayden & Petty Officer Conan

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Jayden and Conan are two enlisted studs in need of a little R&R. PFC Jayden is fresh from deployment and still all wound up from his extended stay overseas. Easy going Petty Officer Conan is always eager to please, and ready to lend a sympathetic ear to a fellow man in uniform. Jayden is convinced that life in the Army is rougher than on a Navy boat and grills Conan for info on his slice of enlisted life. Jayden is so convinced that he had it rougher, he demands they settle it like men. A push up contest! After two grueling minutes sweat starts to bead on Jayden's brow. Another few seconds in, Conan develops a noticeable tremble in his arms and they both tap out. Never satisfied, Jayden wants to push the bar a bit further and the champion will be decided with a good old fashioned arm wrestling match. Panting and puffing, victorious Jayden beams on the couch proudly. Kyle had lost interest in the mini competition long ago and plants a wet one on Jayden's lips to prevent any further gloating. That did the trick. They lock lips and begin a muscle bound, uniform clad steamy make out session. By now, Conan considers himself the real winner of the game they played since Jayden's cock was the real prize all along. The Petty Officer pulls a thick schlong from Jayden's cammmies and proceeds to do what he does best. Conan's expert lips can barely fit around the thick tool that Jayden is working with. Things get real when Jayden's dick gets hungry for more than Conan's wet mouth. Bean pole Conan straddles his long hairy legs over Jayden and his throbbing cock. He slowly lowers himself down until the shaft is buried deep in his crevice. Conan happily rocks back and forth loving every minute of the Army intruder inside of him. The boys fuck long and hard until Jayden is about to lose his cool. He springs up and feeds a white hot load directly into Conan's pink little mouth. Jayden is impressed by Conan's moxy and oral talents and starts doing a little recruiting of his own.

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