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Cain Marko and Damien Grey
Mr. Marko was particularly good at his job. He knew what was wrong or right within a building. If there were leaks, he could find them. He could tell where water pipes ran through walls. If there was no hot water, he had a working list of exact reasons that could cause it, and how to fix each symptom.

This young man, though... Damien. Damien's plumbing needed particular care. Not the plumbing in the walls, either, but his body. Damien made as much clear with the tilt of his head, and the wry smile on his face as he eyed Mr. Marko's huge body up and down.

This huge bear of a man knew when someone was undressing him with their eyes. The utility coveralls of the plumbing profession were not the most glamorous or exciting, so if this young man—barely a man, judging by his boyish frame—was glazing his eyes over his daddy build like this, Marko knew that Damien was already excited by what was underneath.

"Yeah?" Cain approached the bed. When Damien rose to meet him, his small body pressing into Cain's thick stomach, they both knew—there was no more ambiguity to conquer.

Cain ripped himself out of his coveralls, revealing his furry, stocky body. Damien, likewise, slid out of his shorts to reveal tighty-whities and a half-hard bulge, one grown just from the sight of Cain at work. The young man, with practiced hunger, slid his body stomach-first onto the bed and seized Mr. Marko's manhood.

The size difference between Marko's member, thick like a soda can, and Damien's small mouth was astounding. Cain wasn't even sure Damien's jaw could open wide enough to take it all in, but Damien, with wide, happy eyes, slurped it right up and proved that, when you're determined and horny enough, anything's possible.

And if I taste that good in Damien's mouth, how good does he taste in mine? That was what the plumber thought as he repositioned the boy's hips. Cain brought his face, beard and all, between Damien's cheeks. The bear consumed the boy's hole, lapping hungrily at this entrance. Damien moaned, arched his back, and felt his knees spread, opening himself wider for Cain's tongue. When Cain pulled away, in a trance from the boy's scent, he saw that Damien's little pink hole was still waiting for him, puckered up and ready for any attention Cain was willing to give it.

Cain gripped the boy's shoulders and held him steady as he positioned himself. He eased his girthy dick slowly inside, until he felt his hilt hit against Damien's ass. Then he stopped, just for a second, to savor the sensation of being completely buried in this adorable, tiny gay bottom. Just a moment later, though, he was moving again, fucking the boy’s tight hole with slow, measured thrusts of his big cock.

Damien gasped and rocked in rhythm with the bear, his voice cracking with pleasure.

Mr. Marko knew plumbing, and he knew how much attention pipes need. He fucked Damien in every position their twisting bodies naturally felt into; the boy fitting around his daddy cock like a sleeve. Damien's trembling hands clutched the sheets beneath him. Marko folded him up effortlessly and pounded the boy till his breath ran ragged. When Cain finally shot, his customer's ass squeezed the shaft, milking him dry.

They collapsed on the sheets, trading a flurry of kisses. Cain's bearded stubble ground into Damien's smooth, smiling lips. At some point, between an undetermined amount of time and tongue twirling, Damien mentioned that there was a leak in the basement that needed looking at. Mr. Marko wasn't totally certain if that was accurate, but for Damien, he'd investigate anything, for any amount of time...
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