♺ RAUNCHY SEX - Mirek Ceslar and Lukas Pribyl

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Original upload: 2013-07-01 |
In this Raunchy Sex scene we see Lukas Pribyl, blindfolded and chained as he stands waiting for his master. Mirek Ceslar arrives and starts to rip at Lukas' top and underwear, tearing it open. Lukas' cock is rock hard already and Mirek's gloved hand takes hold of it. He wanks and sucks on that throbbing dick for a while and exchanged kisses too. Then, smoking a cigarette Mirek takes out his own cock. He instructs Lukas to bend forward and suck on his cock. Lukas does as he is told, gagging on that big dick. He is made to suck on Mirek's cock before being bent over to expose his ass. Mirek rims that hole and then fingers it some. Next he slides a dildo into Lukas' hole and fingers it some more, getting it ready for cock. Mirek really stretches that hole, using three fingers to open it wide. Then he shoves his massive dick deep inside Lukas' ass. Lukas is moaning all the while as he ass gets fucked nice and deep. Still chained Lukas is then put onto his back, for more fucking. Mirek's dick goes nice and deep pounding that hole, with Lukas feeling every single thrust. Lukas takes hold of his cock and wanks himself to a massive cumshot as Mirek fucks his ass. Then Mirek pulls out and shoots his load all over Lukas beautiful face to end a wonderful scene.
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