A Bitter Pill

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Gary Bennett (Adam Black) is known to have a supply of illicit drugs should any other college lads what to buy. His latest customer is Billy Clark (Luke Adams) Unfortunately though Billy is caught in possession of them by the college caretaker. Pleading not to be reported to the Principle he agrees to take a punishment in the old fashioned way. Over the caretakers he gets a good spanking! Its not long however before his suppler will be brought to book as well!

Gary's luck soon runs out and he is quickly snared by the PE teacher. Taken back up to the changing rooms it's here that he too that he will be punished. This time his customer Billy will get to look on as a stringing spanking is laid on to Gary's well rounded bare bottom. It'll go further than this of course, as the PE teacher goes off to find his heavy leather strap. The fiery bands of this devilish instrument will soon have young Gary thinking again and not just him, the watching Billy Clark will be avoiding a meeting with it too in future, for sure!
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