Men’s Breaker – 必見の8連続噴射↑↑○○国体出場!体育会好き瞠目の超S級男子が男に抜かれて大量射精!! – MMM143

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A blindingly obvious super-class athlete who loves gymnastics and has competed in the XXX National Athletic Meet finally gets pulled out by a man! The first time in his life, he gets a sexual thrill from the same sex, and his cock is so hard he can't stop cumming! This is a must-see for all the good-looking straight guys in every direction, not to mention those who love gymnastics!

○○国体出場の体育会好き瞠目の超S級現役運動選手が、遂に男に抜かれる!! 生まれて初めての同性からの性の手解きに、不覚にもチンコをビンビンに反応させ勃起てしまう超S級男子、、 日頃のハードな練習で溜まりにたまった男汁を快楽の限界で大射精↑↑驚異の8連続噴射で大量の精子を撒き散らしてしまいます!! とにかく体育会好きはもちろんのこと、全方位イケメンノンケ好き必見の作品です!!!
2023-03-18 16:55:59
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