FirstAuditions Favorites Collection - Set 14

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Ali - Student:

Ali is a trim, dark and sexy straight lad who really only wants to have sex with women. Now I’ve auditioned a good few hundred men and I’ve come to the conclusion that straight men are really cowardly. Almost always when I suggest they try something sexual they’ve never done before they say, “No I wouldn’t like that.” How do they know if they’ve never tried it? If straight men want to take the plunge and star in porn, they have to be willing to try new experiences and even do sexual things they don’t like because it’s a job. That’s something I fear Ali may never learn, but give him time. He looks so nice with a hard on, it’d be a shame to waste it.

Ali digs his heels in pretty far when I encourage him to try other things for the work. It’s been my experience when someone is this inflexible they will be a nightmare to work with on set. So I had decided fairly on I probably won’t use him in anything else. I still wanted to see him naked and wanking though.

It’s difficult to determine what the mysterious substance that keeps seeping out of Ali’s cock is – piss or precum. Judging by the amount of precum he leaks while he’s wanking I’m guessing it’s the later. He was uncomfortable posing for the ass shot, but he did it because he was told to. It gives me hope that he may be useful for filming porn after all.

This is one boy who doesn’t need lubrication. A great big stream of precum gushes out of his hard dick while he slowly works it. It was so horny crawling around this naked young guy who was so eager to get off.

Ben - Personal Trainer:

Ben is a greedy hulking sex machine. He’s greedy because he wants to get it on with everyone all the time – an attitude that will get him far in my book. I have a personal trainer that looks fairly similar to him who intimidates the fuck out of me. So it was a turn on getting Ben to submit to me completely while listening to him talking about fucking both guys and girls. I prefer amateur guys who I can capture on camera for the first time, but in this muscular sex machine’s case I’m happy to make an exception.

There’s no fooling around with Ben. He’s done it before and knows what he wants to do in the future. Most guys look aghast when I discuss anything other than straightforward fucking so it was horny being able to speak straight out about what he likes to do sexually. He may look really thick, but he comes across as fairly knowledgeable.

Guys with big muscular bodies look good in tight pants. I liked watching him shimmy out of them to give me a good clear view of his floppy dick. I don’t think being in a “fuck me” position comes naturally to him. So it turned me on making such a big hard man submit totally and show me his hole – even if it needed a quick cleaning first.

As you’d imagine, Ben’s got a fantastically big hard cock to go with his massive frame. If you like a lot of horny grunting and groaning while a guy is working one out turn the sound up listening to this video. Ben obviously enjoys what he’s doing and I got massively hard watching him shoot his creamy jizz.

Dwight - Driver:

When I brought Dwight in for an audition, I didn't know that he's from Jamaica. This is a notoriously homophobic country. Looking back at his video I realise what a tense edge is in the air during the entire audition. Here we are doing this audition in a place where he wouldn't be persecuted for showing a hint of homosexuality. Instead, he's being encouraged to let a guy suck his dick or fuck another guy. This reversal seems to be a turn on for this big quiet guy and this is evident from the moment he takes his clothes off.

I'm sure he's naturally a quiet and soft spoken guy, but right off Dwight seems to resent having to answer a bunch of invasive questions. But I get a high off from the incredibly tense atmosphere that rises up when I start reasoning how it's no big deal to do sexual scenes with another man. It's amazing how those old-fashioned values he's been raised on can crumble so quickly as he gives in to the person in charge!

It's difficult to tell if Dwight is just compulsively horny, giving him an erection at the mere mention of sex or if some of our conversation unlocked secret desires sending his imagination into overdrive. Either way, notice how he doesn't appear all that comfortable talking about his hard on with another guy.

You can almost hear Dwight's thoughts while he jerks off his big raging hard on while I kneel down beneath him watching every second of it: 'stare at the wall... if I don't look at him I'm not gay... if I pretend I'm with a girl I'm not gay... just keep staring at the wall'

Jayson - Property Consultant:

Jayson has led a wild life thus far gang banging girls with his buddies, going out to expensive clubs and getting in fights with gangs. Now this towering hot-bodied man wants to straighten himself out and open a business, but he needs money to start himself off. He figures the fastest way to do this is by becoming a porn star. The only question is whether he can get over his resistance to having sex with men or taking anything up his arse. He could earn enough to open his business in just a month, but it may ruin his street credit if his mates ever discovered him sucking cock and getting his straight arse fucked like a bitch.

Jayson’s plan for the future is laid out very clearly. But suddenly the prospect of saving two years of his working life by getting a big lump of money even makes this hard-arsed hetero question whether he can bend his rules by getting intimate with another man. He’s already got down and dirty with other guys; this would only remove the woman from between them.

It was empowering ordering this tough punk to strip down and pose so I could examine his fit muscular body. Those scars decorating his back are from a knife fight he got in. There’s no doubt that in any other situation this lad would cause me serious damage, but here I get him to slick back his foreskin to reveal his gleaming cock head and pull his arse cheeks apart to show his tight forbidden hole.

It was a lot of pressure for Jayson to work up a hard on with another dude watching. But the horny guy realized how bad it would look if he couldn’t grow wood and get off while being filmed. He concentrated as hard as he could on the girlie mags and blew a huge load right in front of me.

Jeff - Unemployed:

Jeff is a big manly stud who is dripping with sex and absolutely knows it! I think he'd like nothing more than to be paid to look in a mirror all day. The next best thing for him is modelling nude. He's got the right instinct but what he has to learn is that he has to be willing to do whatever is asked of him if he wants to be in this business - whether it's waving his curved hard dick straight at the camera or offering his big round ass up to ANYone who wants to play with it.

I love baiting these guys in, stroking their egos and listening to all their boundaries. Then when it's time for the physical exam get them into positions they wouldn't normally be comfortable with. By the time they realize what's going on it's too late - I've already got it on film!

Yeah, show it to us you big arrogant slut! Pry that ass apart and show us your precious little asshole that's too good for fucking!

Jeff's blue collar worker roots really come out when it comes down to the business of tossing himself off. He hunkers down and pumps his cock like a jack hammer, sweating and using every muscle in his enormous body to shoot more cum than you could swallow in one gulp!

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

Videos included in this torrent are as follows:

Ali - Interview.wmv:  10.96 MB
Ali - Physical.wmv:  30.58 MB
Ali - Wank.wmv:  30.64 MB

Ben - Interview.wmv:  13.82 MB
Ben - Physical.wmv:  23.39 MB
Ben - Wank.wmv:  35.79 MB

Dwight - Interview.wmv:  25.06 MB
Dwight - Physical.wmv:  24.62 MB
Dwight - Wank.wmv:  22.51 MB

Jayson - Interview.wmv:  38.93 MB
Jayson - Physical.wmv:  27.86 MB
Jayson - Wank.wmv:  20.24 MB

Jeff - Interview.wmv:  28.68 MB
Jeff - Physical.wmv:  26.69 MB
Jeff - Wank.wmv:  28.60 MB

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