YouLoveJack - Etienne Martin

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According to Etienne he got his penis pierced because, "It makes the guys who are sucking my cock have something else to chew on!" Plus it never hurst to have a little bling for your thing!

Etienne drops his pants and pulls out his throbbing cock as he grins at the camera. He takes a second to fiddle with his new piercing then stuffs two fingers up his ass before blowing a massive load all over his t-shirt which he laps up like a pro. Nice!

He makes sure the camera is just right then stands up to drop his jeans. His beautiful uncut cock is poking at the thin fabric of his vibrant blue boxers so he gives it a good squeeze or two before pulling the camera in a little closer.

Etienne's beautiful eyes sparkle at the camera as he kneads his meat still inside his underwear. With a little smirk, no a full on grin - he slips his throbbing member out of his shorts and holds it up for everyone to see. His lorum piercing glitters in the light as he slowly rubs his cock, stopping to give his new jewellery a little tug. Something tells me that thing isn't there strictly for decoration!

He pushes off his underwear and pulls the camera in for a nice close-up as he shows off his rock hard cock and balls. Holding that pole up as his head swells a little bigger. He gives himself a copule delicate strokes paying careful attention to his new piercing then settles back on the couch.

He pulls his legs up on the couch and sits froggy style while he continues to work on his pecker. Grinning as he watches himself in the camera's LCD monitor. This guys is totally getting off on making his video and it shows!! After a couple minutes his hand involuntarily trails down to his ass and you know where this is headed...

He pulls his legs up and spreads his cheeks as he shows off his asshole. He cranes his neck as he watches himself and pushes out a bit on his hole so it stands out in stark releif against the smooth skin of his ass cheeks. Say what you want but that's a fine looking asshole - Good enough to eat!

Etienne grabs the lube and pours a ton of the slippery stuff right onto his puckered hole. He scoops up a bunch of it and easily slides his index finger deep inside his body. Slowly he pulls it all the way out then drives it back in with a gasp. Pulling out and spreading his cheeks to expose his tortured hole as hit gapes and contracts - begging to be fucked.

He pushes the camera back so we can see his face as he fucks himself. This stunning sporty twink is a vision of beauty as he violates his ass with a simple look of innocent pleasure on his face. Fucking brilliant!

All this ass play has got him worked up so he slides his fingers out and settles back on the couch. His face is flush with desire as he holds up his perfect uncut cock. Rock hard with a single drop of pre-cum forming at his piss slit. No doubt he's itching to get off!

Etienne makes sure the camera is set up perfectly then sets to work on himself. His hand becomes a determined blur on his cock as he races toward relief. Within seconds he's gasping for air and his muscles are tensing then he freezes - and the cum begins to fly.

The first blast hits him about chest high - followed by two smaller globs that fall to the base of his cock. The fourth is another giant stream that nearly hits him in the face and the fifth is a massive trail of ooze that sticks in the webbing between his index finger and thumb. What a relief!

He takes a second to catch his breath then sits up to show off the mess all over his t-shirt. As he's modelling his seed he realizes he's a little hungry and reaches down and licks up the biggest glob then swallows it down with a loud gulp. He laps up one more big mouthful of his own jizz then shuts off the camera. Totally. Fucking. Hot.
2011-02-25 15:47:57
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