Titan Chapters

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When horny Ken Butler settles in for some self-lovin', the photos in his favorite "visual aid" come to life as four high-charge, steamy Chapters of hot and sticky, non-stop sex with eight stunning men. Their Speedos shrink as Jason Branch and Blake Harper get excited in just the right spots, leading to olympic cocksucking and furious ass pounding. A sexy trio of muscles, tattoos and pierces are a horny tangle whose rough play produces steaming wads of thick, ropey cum. Muscle god Mark Wadsworth is a heart-stopper working his meaty cock in knee-high leather boots, full harness, armbands and a leather jock. In a truly classic scene, really big, really hairy Mike Roberts and humpy Dean Coulter groan through a combat of romantic lust. Tied down and worked over by humpy Dean Coulter, Roberts frees himself to grind a dildo in Coulter's really big ass. Coulter spreads his huge globes over Robert's face and sprays a heavy load onto his buddy. With its masculine men and sweaty, fierce sex, you'll be pouring over these Chapters again and again.

Studio: TitanMen;  Duration:  01:23:24;  Video Format:  mp4

Release Date: 02/01/1999

Cast: Dean Coulter, Mike Roberts, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Mark Wadsworth, Ken Butler, Scott Malone, Jeff Halsey, Jacob Scott, Terry Rogers
2017-10-27 01:50:16
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