Alexander Pictures - Brazilian Cum Ons 4: Yours To Have

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Como sempre, nestes filmes brasileiros, a beleza masculina e seus dotes
est�o aqui para serem apreciados. � s� baixar e curtir.
As always, these Brazilian films, the male beauty and his gifts are here
to be appreciated. Just download and enjoy.

From the press notes, courtesy of Alexander Pictures:
"These Brazilian babes seem extra young and extraordinarily hung in the following sexy scenes. From the breakfast table to birthday cakes, these cute dark teens pleasure each other non-stop. Lips meet dicks and cocks meet asses until every one of the cuties blast their rockets with their pent-up, juicy, white man-fuel.

This once, give in! Wearing only a towel wrap, Flavo prepares breakfast for Darien. But Darien has his own plans for a breakfast warm-up. Things get heated up when cocks are eaten as their breakfast sausage. The kitchen counter-top sex continues as Darien tops Flavo, and then they sensually switch places. You'll be amazed how large a cock these hotties have for such small, but muscular bods. The scene ends when white man jizz is spurted everywhere as a substitute for breakfast milk.

There is no time for talking! Manuel accuses Rafael of being a good cocksucker. At first, he denies it, but soon Rafael is proving himself, as Manuel forces Rafael's lips to engorge his huge man-meat. Then, right in the middle of the living room, they shed their clothes until they're both naked and super-horny. Manuel then fucks Rafael as forcefully as he demanded his cock to be swallowed. The pumping doesn't let up until several positions are tried out and Rafael's hole is worn out. They tenderly kiss after they both are satisfied and their dicks are drained dry.

Don't sit on the fence! Leon gets horny perusing a porn magazine, so he phones Diego to cum over for some hot action. They start out with lips interlocking, then the two big-dicked students begin a long suck-fest that leads to Diego's eager ass being plowed lovingly by Leon's rock-hard tool. Finally, cum is climaxed all over their dark, tight abs while they continue to passionately kiss each other.

It's worth the price! For Llucas' birthday, Nicolas generously offers a small cake and candles. When Nicolas expresses that he didn't have enough money for a proper gift, Llucas suggests a good (free) fucking. The tattooed, green-eyed babe watches as Nicolas strip-dances for him which heats up the scene until cocks are liberally sucked and both holes are stuffed. Moans of ecstasy are heard from both Brazilian boys when they explode with man-cum, almost giving the birthday cake an extra layer of icing."

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