William Higgins - Andrej (Enrique Vera) and Matej - Screen Test FULL CONTACT 4k

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Andrej Lamos aka Enrique Vera from BelAmi

Released: June 20, 2015
Models: Matej Borzik, Andrej Lamos

Includes video capture photos. William Higgins calls it 4k, but it's actually 2k. Still better than 1080p.

Andrej Lamos a hot and straight newcomer agreed to a screentest, with Matej Borzik. As they sit on the sofa they enjoy kissing each other and then they remove their tee shirts to expose two hot chests. Matej misses Andrej's chest and then his lips, again. He pushes Andrej back and helps him off with his panst. That reveals a very nice cock which is already getting quite hard. Matej takes the cock in his mouth and sucks it to a full, rock hard erection. Andrej moans some as he feels the hot mouth working on his cock and he pushes Matej's head down it, to go deeper down his throat. Then, after kissing again, Andrej stands up and fucks his cock into Matej's eager mouth. That cock is big and thick and Matej sucks it so well. He keeps working on Andrej's dick until it is time to give up his ass. Matej is on his back, legs in the air, as Andrej rams his big cock in and out of that hot ass. Matej moans as Andrej pounds away at his ass. He moves onto his knees, with Andrej taking him from behind, still fucking hard and fast. Andrej is loving it too, his dick so deep in that hole. Then it is into missionary position, with Matej wanking hard as Andrej continues to fuck him. His wanking speeds up in time with Andrej's hard fucking and soon Matej dumps his creamy cum over his belly. Andrej continues to fuck until his cum is ready too. Pulling out of that ass he shoots his cum over Matej to finish a great screentest.
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