Club Inferno - Dungeon Pig

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Quality: HD-720p
Starring:  Tony Orlando, Wrex Wylde, Devin Franco, Brian Bonds
Director:  Tom Moore

source: promotional material
1. Tony Orlando OgAt, Wrex Wylde OrAb
Tony Orlando is at the mercy of his master, Wrex Wylde, who has Tony on his knees where he can deepthroat Wrex’s thick cock and oversized balls. With his cock in Tony’s mouth, Wrex puts one leg up to let Tony shove his fist deep in his ass. Tony’s arm easily disappears deep into Wrex’s talented hole. Eager for more, Wrex lays back on a saw-horse to get double-fisted by Tony’s lubed hands. Each time Wrex’s rosebud pops out, Tony makes sure to lick it before pounding it back in. With Wrex’s hole falling out, Tony slides his cock in and fucks the prolapse. Knowing he can fit more, Tony works his fist in the gaping hole he’s fucking and jacks himself off inside Wrex. The relentless wrist riding continues with fists, feet and bareback cock all filling Wrex’s stretched out hole until Wrex shoots his load all over himself with Tony’s hand and foot inside of him.
2. Tony Orlando OrAb, Wrex Wylde OgAt
Tony Orlando wants his hole rocked, and Wrex Wylde kicks things off with a sopping wet hummer on Tony’s thick meat. After sucking Tony’s cock, Wrex bends him over and begins to work his hands inside Tony’s tight ass. When Tony relaxes and breathes, Wrex’s fist goes in and the fist fucking begins. Tony’s hole needs a quick break so Wrex shoves his cock in Tony’s throat and fucks his face. When Tony is ready to get boxed again, he lays back and strokes his cock while Wrex works out his hole with his fists. Holding his legs up to give Wrex total access, Tony gets his hole gaped by Wrex’s fists and raw cock. Tony’s hole is spent as he strokes his load out onto his cock. Wrex sees Tony’s warm load and laps up every last drop to finish him off
3. Brian Bonds AtRg, Devin Franco AbRr
In the sex dungeon, Brian Bonds is eating out Devin Franco’s smooth hole. Brian takes his time, savoring every inch of Devin’s crack and depths of his warm ass before sticking his throbbing, raw cock inside Devin. Laid on his back, Devin takes every inch of Brian’s thick dick bareback in his ass. Eager to see how much Devin’s hole can handle, Brian switches his cock out for his fist planted deep inside Devin’s crack. Devin takes every punch Brian delivers, begging for more as Brian puts his cock and fist in Devin at the same time. When Brian pulls out, Devin pushes out a bright red rosebud for Brian to fuck. After letting Brian bust out his hole, Devin gets up and suspends himself down onto Brian’s wrist. The talented muscle-bottom keeps his hole wrapped around Brian’s fist as his cock bounces up and down. With Devin riding his arm, Brian strokes Devin’s cock until he cums while he’s still suspended. With a smile on his face, Brian smirks “my turn”.
4. Brian Bonds Ab, Devin Franco At
Devin Franco tells Brian Bonds “you’re gonna get it pig,” as he bends Brian over to taste his hole. Lubed with just spit, Devin sticks his sizeable rod deep into Brian. After getting filled with Devin’s dick, Brian bares down to take Devin’s gloved up fist. After taking Devin’s fists in multiple positions, Brian brings out two large decorative posts for him and Devin to sit on. Simultaneously, both studs work the foreign objects up their ass until they are both riding and jacking at the same time. The pole in Brian’s hole is too much hold back and he unhinges his ass and drops his load all over the post. Before Devin can shoot, Brian sits back down on the pole covered in his load and fucks himself while Devin erupts with thick ropes all over the floor.
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