LatinLeche (Say Uncle) – Numero 234 – Feeling the Patient's Needs – Leo, Cesar Rose, Ferfroma

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Leo comes back for his new appointment with Dr. Ferforma. His knee is much better, but the Doctor needs to feel the damaged area to make sure everything is going well. Leo leads the doc’s hands to his hard cock when he gets closer to his groin. Dr. Ferforma likes what he touches, so he decides to use his mouth instead. The horny Latinos suck each other up, and Leo shows his gratitude to the doctor by plowing him over his table. As the satisfied men finish off their business, Cesar, the doctor’s assistant, comes in and notices the two are shirtless. Feeling naughty, he asks them if they are ready for another round, him included!

2022-11-22 01:03:10
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