Brothers Of The Sword (Puppy Productions)

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Brothers Of The Sword
Puppy Productions
Billy Dexter, Tomas Ballou, Cristiano Bellani, Elijah Charvet, Lucky Chrebet, Fabio Cristeen, Brodie Hawn, Sidney Holland, Johan Lebar, Martin Nehmet, Landon Quinn, Heath Zane
12 young men on a quest for their destiny become brothers-in-arms in more ways than one.
Lucky Chrebet sees the battle of two dragons tattooed on Martin Nehmet's back; soon the two become entangled as they teach each other the ways of their swords. Thomas Ballou takes Heath Zane down a path only to give him his essence as Heath strokes his 9-inch cock in search of his creamy load. Elijah Charvet comes to Johan Lebar and Landon Quinn for some brotherly advice. They soon whip out their pre-cummed cocks. Elijah gets it from both ends to the point where they drain all the jizz from their strained cocks. Cristiano Bellani knows exactly what he wants from Fabio Christeen and wastes no time going for it. Cristiano licks Fabio from head to toe and then with a little spit slides Fabio's fat uncut cock up his tight ass. He moans with pleasure until his pearly juice flows. Billy Dexter has been searching for the source that will lead him to the ultimate pleasure. Brodie Hawn and Sidney Holland have no problem giving him just what he wants. Both men seek out Billy's moist holes while he begs for more.

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