Real Marines Soldier's Ball 1,2,3 Active Duty Very Hot

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Soldier's Ball: Bareback Two-Step Ken gives in. Doc debuts. Cole and Damien go for a ride.A Note From Dink:One night I had Ken over to shoot some photos and during the photo session we started talking about all kinds of things. Ken shared some very deep secrets with me about a bad experience during his teenage years and how that experience had turned him off to the idea of sex with other guys. I quickly realized that what had been violated in those incidents was Ken's trust. I talked to Ken for a long time about this and helped him express some things that I don't think he'd ever shared with another human being. It felt good to talk and get it all out. I asked him if he'd trust me to right the wrong that had been burned into his brain by the bad experience and give me the opportunity to show him that all sex with men isn't bad and it doesn't all leave us with hurt, guilty feelings. Ken agreed and I'm glad he did. What we see emerge on video is a twenty-six year-old teenager that wants so badly what is about to happen and is glad that this time he's in control. Ken moves on from this experience and takes things a step further in his three-way with Doc and Damien. This is certainly a documentation of one guys 'coming-of-age.'      Soldier's Ball 2: Bareback Promenade Hayden and Ty make their video debut, joining Matt and Cole.
Soldier's Ball 3: Bareback Waltz Kyler, Rodney, Elijah and Lance join together for the 'Waltz.'
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