Disco Dick NYC collection

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From Liam's O F. Not a complete rip, but damn near close.

The torrent is broken down like this: pics, caps and vids.

The pic folder contains any pics he has posted on his O F.

The cap folder contains caps of all the videos.

The vids folder has all the videos pictured in the caps folder. The videos are all titled with a description or the scene partner(s) and the length. Except for a few short solo videos of just Liam (Disco) wanking or using toys, these are all full scene videos. I have included none of the teaser material. Liam usually posts a 2-4 minute clip of upcoming material, I skipped those. Also, on his O F you'll see that as of July 8, 2023 he has 82 full videos tagged, I have posted 74. I skipped a handful of his beginner solo videos that are very blurry and he is masked. He wore a mask when he first started.

If you are concerned about data usage/ratio, download the caps folder first and only download the videos you want. If you hate pics then skip that folder altogether.

I will be seeding 24/7, please be patient.  Please seed for as long as possible once you have the file(s), do your part to help.

NOTE: There are other Liam torrents here so you may have some of this material already. Use the caps folder to find what you are missing and fill in the holes.

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