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2007, 110 min.  Country:  France

Studio :  Liquid London Ltd.

Cast:  Simone De Jesus, Mark Given, Antoine Lefort, Pedro Santana, Jiggy Man, Jules, David Khalo, Pascal Bruno, Ludovic Canot

Director:  Jean-Marc Prouveur


From the press notes, courtesy of Liquid London:
"Weekend breaks in Paris and London are not quite what they seem when the booking agency staff takes on more duties than they are paid for.

Cleaners clean with their tongues, gardeners self water the terrace plants and bell boys get through the fresh towels apace in this raunchy new film by the director Jean-Marc Prouveur.

Our intrepid houseguests take in more than the tourist attractions as the entante cordial takes on a whole new meaning in this Anglo-French orgy of wanking, sucking rimming and fucking.

Steamy sex scenes, cute guys, big cocks and plenty of cum. C'est magnifique!"

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