SuckOffGuys - Swallowing Jesse's Load

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Meet Jesse, a 6’4?, super hairy, horned up, straight stud who is super eager to get his load sucked off and swallowed.

Jesse told us that it’s always been a fantasy of his to get his load swallowed during a blow job. You see, of all the women he’s ever dated, not one of them would go near his spunk with their mouth. That’s such a shame!

He was talking about this with some friends and they were joking that maybe he’d have better luck getting his load swallowed if he let a gay dude suck him off.

Jesse appears on screen butt naked! No complaints here. Jesse shows off his hot, hairy body. Aaron approaches and immediately starts sucking his cock.

Jesse gets hard right away. With the excitement of knowing he’s about to get his load swallowed, he almost busts his nut right away. Aaron backs off just a bit wanting to savor this hairy straight dude’s cock for at least a few minutes.

Jesse gathers himself and now starts to really enjoy Aaron’s mouth on his cock. Aaron goes back and forth between deep-throating & stroking Jesse’s big pulsating dick. You can tell Jesse really loves getting deep-throated as he gets a big smile every time his cock slides down Aaron’s throat.

Suddenly, Jesse stands up, alerting Aaron that he’s getting close to shooting his load. Aaron sucks some more, then Jesse takes over stroking his cock.

Jesse’s body starts quivering as he suddenly he erupts like a fountain. Cum flies in every direction. It’s like a sprinkler head gone crazy. Aaron catches a bunch of the airborne semen with his mouth, then sucks on Jesse’s spewing cock making sure to get the rest of the load down his throat.

Jesse is in cum drained ecstasy & Aaron’s face & mouth are covered in his jizz.

Well Jesse, it appears your friends were right… We at are all about cum swallowing. You’ve definitely come to the right place!

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