Dirk Yates - Dirk Yates Private Collection 243

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Dirk is back and he has lined up one of the hottest groups of horny Marines anywhere. Many of these guys have appeared in the Str8 Off The Base and Hard Corps series and movies including Bi-Back Mountain and Play Ball. Here’s a chance to see how they got started in their Dirk Yates auditions.

Joe is the hot coverboy from Hard Corps Third Division. He’s gotten into surfing since he moved to California and he enjoys all of the hot girls he’s meeting on the beach. He’s got a sexy tan and has become a fan of the tattoos, including two interesting paw prints on his chest.

Murdock is a sexy Marine who only did a few shoots for Dirk, but made a big impression. With his charming smile and boyish face he was a winner, and when Dirk learned that this Marine liked to have his ass played with he started pairing him up with other horny straight Marines who liked to fuck a nice ass every once in a while. Catch him in Str8 off the Base 3 and in several upcoming DYPC volumes.

Ron is the third guy on the tape and he’s new to the Marines and hasn’t been overseas yet. He gets right down to business for Dirk and is naked in no time. Once Dirk gets him on the bed the beefy smooth Marine went right to town and didn’t wait for Dirk to come back before popping off his cum shot.

Shane Saunders, one of Dirk’s new favorites brought down his buddies Branden, (who later did movies like Str8 Off The Base 3, Bi-Back Mountain and Play Ball under the name Brian Austin) and Casey. Dirk interviewed Brian first and let him get started on his own and then ended up inviting Shane and Casey to join him for a little circle jerk. All three of the guys got comfortable on the bed and talked about the fuck flick they were watching while they stroked up some great loads.
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