Couples II More Colt Men on the Make

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director John Rutherford
Kristofer Weston
Rip Colt

Carlos Morales (ve)
Felipe (Carlos Marquez)
Jake Andrews (90s)
Ray Dragon
Tod Parker
Todd Maxwell

Like your COLT studs two at a time?  Then "COLT COUPLES II, More COLT Men on the Make" is for you.  This man-on-man DVD features some of the hottest one-on-one action!  Here in COUPLES II, get a full load of classic COLT Men Ray Dragon and Felipe's man-love encounter from missing footage from the COLT vault shot over 12 years ago.  This footage has never been released!  Watch as COLT Man Carlos Morales gets all of COLT Man Exclusive Tod Parker, after which Tod plows right into hot action with red-hot COLT Man Todd Maxwell.  Finally, as if you needed any more stimulation, blow out your circuits to uber-sexy COLT Man Jake Andrews as he takes on every inch of his equally muscled partner and brand new COLT Man Cannon from the land down-under.

1. Todd Maxwell, Tod Parker

2. Ray Dragon, Felipe (Carlos Marquez)

3. Tod Parker, Carlos Morales (ve)

4. Jake Andrews (90s), Cannon

"Couples II: More COLT Men on the Make" is a collection of scenes by three different directors featuring couples getting down and dirty. All of the men are quintessentially COLT: muscular, macho, hung and horny.
Directed by John Rutherford (2004): Todd Maxwell and Tod Parker. Todd Maxwell, a humpy he-man with a full beard and a warm smile, and Tod Parker, a strawberry-blond bombshell with a solid musculature, trade glances. Todd, outside, is a gardener and flirts with homeowner Tod, who is inside, with come-hither winks and nods in the lead-up to the tryst. Inside, Tod shoves his fat pecker into Todd's gaping jaws for what turns out to be an excellent blowjob, replete with many deep-throated gulps as well as fantastic camerawork (from underneath and above). The underneath angle, in particular, makes Tod look like a giant looking down on Todd. And Todd Maxwell is one voracious cocksucker. Todd, done sucking, then twists Tod around and dives into his fluffy asscrack for an extended rim before plopping down on Tod's stiff dick for a sit-fuck on the stairs. They switch to doggy, and Todd's low-hanging balls swing back and forth in time with the beefy blond's thrusts. Tod then stands over the prone Todd, spread out on the parquet floor like a Persian rug, to dump his load, and Todd then quickly jerks to climax, his cum landing on his six-pack.
Directed by Rip Colt (1992): Ray Dragon and Felipe. In a gym, Ray's closely cropped haircut and thickly furred body are in full effect, and Felipe is a hard-bodied Latino with a hankering for the bulge in Ray's shorts. Ray pulls it out and Felipe gorges on the big-headed dick as Ray sits on a machine and fondles Felipe's jockstrapped butt. Felipe swallows the long piece but good before he backs his ass up and sits on the cock for a real workout. They then repair to a bedroom, and Ray eats Felipe's round ass with skill, Felipe rims Ray's hairy ass, Ray sucks Felipe's dick, and then fucks the living daylights out of Felipe in a variety of positions on a king-size bed. Ray has the bigger of the two cum-shots, drenching his partner's chest. In the afterglow, they take a warm shower to wash away the cum and sweat as they kiss to fade-out.
Directed by John Rutherford (2004): Tod Parker and Carlos Morales. All-American muscle stud Tod Parker eyes Venezuelan muscle stud Carlos Morales poolside. Tod chills on a chaise lounge as the midday sun shines. Carlos, knowing a win-win opportunity when he sees one, pulls out his big dick and starts stroking, and then Tod pulls on his pink pud, too. Tod continues to stare at a bicep-flexing Carlos, then, as Carlos moves closer, feels up Carlos' pecs without so much as a hello. Carlos then dangles his enormous penis near Tod's face as Tod stares at it as if it's lunch. It must be lunchtime: Tod takes the big cock in his mouth for a long, slow suck. Carlos then licks Tod's ass and sucks his thick pecker before getting doggy-fucked by Tod on the lounge chair. Tod pops his load on Carlos' chest, and then Carlos yanks out his gusher.
Directed by Kristofer Weston (2004): Jake Andrews and Cannon. This scene was filmed in Sydney, Australia at the ManAcle Bar ( ). All I can say is: HOT DAMN! Jake, one of my all-time favorites, is paired with a man who is his equal in looks and all-around sex appeal, and that's saying something, folks, as Jake is one sexy motherfucker. Cannon is a spectacular Aussie bodybuilder with a delicious-looking cock, as well as intricate tattoos on both of his shoulders and arms. He's enough to make anyone wanna go down, under. And Jake looks better than ever with a five-day-old beard, bigger muscles and that fat bullet-shaped dong. Some things just get better with time, I guess. They mix and mingle near the pool table, trading kisses, blowjobs and rims. The cocksucking is particularly intense, as both men have big dicks and big mouths to match. The ass-munching is even hotter, though, Cannon even sitting on Jake's face at one point (and I can only imagine how wonderful that must been for Jake's face). Cannon then fucks Jake every which way but loose -- sit, doggy, missionary -- with a fury. They splash out their loads, and then kiss and hug like they want to get married.

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