JapanBoyz – Cruising The Office

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Rikiya and Ryuji are the office drones whose dicks are busier than their brains in this office hookup and it only takes a few sidelong glances to make the spark and connection. Sitting so close as they work on their laptops that they must feel the heat from each other’s muscular thighs, almost touching under the desktop. Ryuji turns down the lights so no one can see the action inside their glassed-in cubicle. Lit by a faint blue LED glow, Ryuji grabs Riki by the suit lapels and pulls him into a seriously passionate kiss. Once they peel out of their jackets and shirts, they’re twiddling nips and letting the bulges in their dress pants swell.

Riki goes down on Ryuji’s big cock, then the big guy returns the favor. They’re both naturally tops but versatile, and Riki’s hairy butthole is the first to get fingered, rimmed and reamed. He braces with both hands on the desk as Ryuji plows in with a fury. He decides to give Rikiya a chance to dip his horny tool in, and lies back to get his own ass eaten out and spitlubed before the big hot thrust. Ryuji rests his dress-socked ankles on Rikiya’s powerful shoulders and lets his co-worker give him a deep hot screw. By the time their sweaty muscle bods are clenched and they’re locked in a manly kiss, Riki’s ready to blast his load. He squirts his sperm onto Ryuji’s throbbing cock then goes back in to breed the hole. Satisfied Ryuji smiles as cum leaks out of his twitching ass. Break time over, boyz?
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