Videoboys - Zac Gets His Nine Inches of Pleasure

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Studio: Videoboys
Title: Zac Gets His Nine Inches of Pleasure
Release: 03/12/2014
Duration: 16:10
Models: Zac Hunter, Vic Palmer

By now we know pretty much how Zac Hunter's mind works. He can appear to be paying attention to the mundane day-to-day activities of life but we know that just below the surface he's thinking about big, juicy dicks. You might say that he's a high functioning cock-o-holic. And for the past 4 months the cock that's been upper most in his daydreams is that of Vic Palmer.

Vic and Zac aren't strangers. For the past four months Zac has been subtly "grooming" Vic every time he saw him at the club where they work. It started with just friendly talking, then some flattery, then some affectionate touching and in a matter of a few weeks Zac was giving Vic blowjobs in a private little corner he knows about. But as much as he loves Vic's cock in his mouth, what Zac really wanted was Vic's cock in his ass!

We arranged for their rendezvous and right from the start Vic was excited to take advantage of the fact that Zac is just a little guy. He lifted the petit Zac off the couch and wrapped him around his body like a warm scarf. Locked in passionate kisses, Vic would have been happy to carry Zac for hours, but Zac's was intent on getting at Vic's juicy nine inch cock as soon as possible. Once he got his hands on it, he wasn't going to let it go until that whole thing was in is ass. Taking all nine inches was a challenge for Zac but he was determined. There was a little bit of pain but clearly a lot of pleasure. Both Zac and Vic spilled so much cum we swear their balls were noticeably smaller than when they started.

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