CK DOWNLOAD – [maniac オリジナル]No 023 ノンケAV男優に就職志望のヤル気満々ノンケがまさかのフェラ奉仕! – ORWEMA023

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Release Date: 2022-12-14
We present the first new release in the "maniac SPY CAM" series!
This time, we spy on a straight guy who applied for a job as a porn actor, unaware that it was a fake job advertisement!
He is a college student who wants to work as a porn actor in the future! However, the reality is that he is a very inexperienced straight who has only had 2 girls in his life! The interviewer takes advantage of the college straight's eagerness and pretends that today's AV actors need to be able to work not only with actresses but also with gay men! A naive college student believes the interviewer's lie and accepts the sexual harassment! He says that he has only had two experiences, and his sensitive dick is easily aroused by the slightest stimulation! The excitement is heightened by the pleasure she feels! She starts to play with the interviewer's body, kisses him, and even gives him a blowjob!

『maniac SPY CAM』シリーズの初公開となる新作をお届け!
将来はAV男優として活躍したいとヤル気満々の大学生! しかしその実情は経験人数2人と言う超ウブノンケ! 大学生ノンケのヤル気を逆手にとって、今のAV男優は女優企画だけではなくゲイ企画の仕事もできないと話しにならないと偽る面接官! 面接官の嘘を信じ込み、セクハラを受け入れてしまう純朴大学生! 経験人数2人と言うだけあって、ほんの少しの刺激で感じてしまう敏感ウブチンポ! 快感に触発されて高まる興奮! 面接官の体をまさぐりだし、ついにはキスを、そしてフェラ奉仕までも!
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