Bacchus Black Daddies And White Sons

Daddies / Sons
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Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2002 (USA) See more »
Production Co: Bacchus See more »
Runtime: 84 min
Full Movie
Format: Avi
Video: 704 x 528

Storyline: First up Chris Dano, looking hotter than I’ve seen him in a while - in fact, he should be beyond this sort of thing - seduces Troy, who makes his cock wet and sticky before having it shoved right up his jacksie. What happen to Dano’s usual prowess? Yep, he’s gymmed-up but where’s the reciprocation? Come on. Just dive straight in to those white buns and don’t stop till its spooge time? No-one ever tell you variety is the spice of life?

Next up Baker reads (in the world’s most obvious set) before Raul comes along for his “next lesson”. Must be a biology lesson, as Baker drops his trousers and Raul dives straight onto his heavy equipment. Quick learner. But it’s when Baker lets rip (with a thick Baltimore accent) with some sexy-but-backwards-looking vocal ("suck my big fat fucking black cock") I realized I’d never get true color-blindness in my lifetime. (Jeez, don’t objectify yourself, dude! You stop and others will follow!)

Baker’s not getting hard despite Raul’s best efforts, so he’s shown how it’s done properly (did Raul fall asleep on a sun-bed wearing a sport’s bra?) eventually getting Raul to sprout wood (but it’s some effort). They should have just popped a Viagra and hung around for thirty minutes. Baker tells Raul that they’re gonna learn something new today - sodomy! Is Baker a perverted Mr. Rogers or what? Raul pumps Baker energetically before they both shoot over themselves in a j/o climax. So endeth the next lesson. Still, Baker’s good for a giggle and looks like the sort of person I’d be happy to go bar-hopping with.

Little moppet Gold visits a closed bar (actually someone’s apartment home bar) and gets to taste his favorite barman, Infinity. I didn’t pay much attention to this scene because I was too busy flicking through a pamphlet on deciduous trees.

The final scene (starting with a terrible jump-cut - never a good sign) features Adams being offered a place to stay by Mr. Ward, a friend of his father’s. Looks like Mr. Ward intends to call up “sins of the father” as he shows Adams exactly what he and his pop used to get up to. This is freaky enough in itself, because I don’t want to even think about my own father with my mom, let alone with another man! Mr. Ward gets on his knees and swallows his young companion’s tool, getting it rock hard within seconds (way to go!). “Thanks for letting me stay in your spare room that looks nothing like a hastily redressed turbine station that sounds nothing like the basement of Grand Central Station,” he doesn’t say as his inches are slobbered over. “I want to fuck you the way your daddy used to do it,” says Mr. Ward, and sadly Adams doesn’t reply, “What? You mean by keeping half your paycheck?”

Mr. Ward’s wish is granted as young pup and older “uncle” fuck, and give it plenty of verbal. At least most of the dirty talk comes from the age difference father/son shtick and not because of their skin colors. Adams finally fills his father's shoes (and uncle's hole) by showering Ward with his spoke.

Cast: Chris Dano, Adrian Troy, Bastian Gold, Infinity, Chris Baker, Raul, Jason Ward, Dirk Adams

Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Black, Latino, Interracial, Hunks, Muscles, Big Dick, Masturbation, Condom
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