Jessica Host and Martin Lorenzo

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After seducing and revenge fucking the groom to get back at her best friend, Jessica Host celebrates with the best man. Martin is a good, clean cut straight guy from the Bronx. After a sexual tense slow dance, he decided to get fresh with Jessica thinking what all guys do at weddings - who am I going to fuck? Jessica lets Martin be the man, asking her to dance, getting her a drink and once his advancements led to more serious fondling, she sneaks him back into the chapel back room. Martin undresses her, grabs Jessica's ass and even feels like he is in control while she is sucking him off, even after she ties his hands up, convincing him to let go a little, to let her have some fun...What could happen? Watch and find out as this ass virgin gets what he thought he was going to be giving.
If you missed part 1 of "Going to the Chapel" - be sure to go back and watch that seduction with Jessica and yet another fine, new man.
2013-08-11 14:22:11
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