Cramming For The Big One (1998) - 1080p & 540p - MKV HEVC and H 264 AAC AIE

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Desc: In Cramming For The Big One, guys go back to school to get a degree in sex education! First, Don Dawson studies for the big test, then Scott Davis gives him a few pointers. Next, Tommy Kapone Helps Anthony pass his class and gets rewarded for his efforts. Then, Professor York Powers tutors Jason Nikas personally, and finally, Tony Belmonte, Gregg Clark and Mathew Thomas study one of the ways to have a 3 way.

Studio:  Sex Video
Director:  Rick Van
Cast: Tommy Kapone, Gregg Clarke,Tony Belmonte, Anthony (Antonio), Scott Davis, Jason Nikas, Mathew Thomas , Don Dawson , York Powers,Antonio (Alex Williams)

TVAI pillarboxed upscaled + BMDS aie restorative for slight color grading correction from faded source, slight video  flicker, and English subtitling.

Pictures are from screen caps from both files and native resolution versions in upload.  Original source is included in case you don't want AIE treated material so choose one, both or none.

Subtitles: No
Interlaced (0/1): 0
Video Codec: h264
Resolution: 720,540
Frame Size: 720,540
Audio Codec: aac
Frame Rate: 30000/1001
Bitrate: 894 kbps
Total Frames: 146651
Duration: 01:21:33
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Sample Aspect Ratio: 1:1

Subtitles: Yes
Subtitle Stream 2: Language=eng
Interlaced (0/1): 0
Video Codec: hevc
Resolution: 1620,1080
Frame Size: 1620,1080
Audio Codec: aac
Frame Rate: 30000/1001
Bitrate: 9844 kbps
Total Frames: N/A
Duration: 01:21:29
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 4.3
Sample Aspect Ratio: 1:1
2023-07-07 14:34:07
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