Adam & Yves (Peter de Rome, 1974)

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Format: mp4
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Length: 01:12:42

Studio: Bijou (Hand in hand)
Year: 1974
Director: Peter de Rome
Actors:  Bill Eld

Synopsis: We travel through Paris where our dark-haired French (anti) hero, Yves, cruises Adam, an American blond, at an outdoor cafe. Adam's name is never uttered in the film and Yves refuses to give his name or learn Adam's. They visit Oscar Wilde's grave and later tour an old church, where they peer through a door to discover Big Bill Eld masturbating his big fat cock. Later, we watch Adam and Yves making passionate love in front of a fireplace and see Greta Garbo walking the streets of Manhattan. At some point, we enter a bathroom in a movie theater where eight black men are urinal cruising and end up fucking, sucking. The film ends with Yves watching a female hooker service a businessman in a park as a narration ties the film together.
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