SouthernStrokes - Levi Robinson (Video + Photoset)

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If you ever wondered what a corn fed country boy looks like when he grows up, meet Levi Robinson. Levi is a big ole boy standing 6’1” tall and carrying 205 lbs. for those big quads to carry. Levi is a football player with a big set of pecs that are covered in some very fine body art. It a shame that his chest is covered but it just seems to bring even more attention to the big boy’s dominance.

I had been talking with Levi for a few months and I don’t really know why it’s taken him so long to make it to the Ranch but I will say that I am certainly glad that he came by. Levi is all man but clearly he has a little part of him that is ready to cross over that line. I couldn’t help but notice how hard Levi’s cock got when I started photographing his hole. This boy could crush a top with his quads so its gonna take a beast to tame this big boy’s ass.

Levi is proud of his big thick tool. He stood naked stroking his meat out in the heat of a warm spring day on the Ranch. Levi was getting off on the slight breeze that would randomly let his balls know that they were out for the whole world to see. Levi’s ass is naturally hairy and just demanding some real attention. The cool breeze was making Levi’s ass pucker and his cock throb.

Levi got serious and started milking his vein harder and faster. Levi’s cock continued to swell bigger and fatter as the blood rushed in to fill the empty void. I could tell Levi was ready to explode because he flexed his quads and his pecs as he jacked faster and faster. Levi let out a slight moan just before he shot a glob of cum all over my favorite blanket. What should be next for this big country stud?

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