La Mancha - Learning Latin (mpg)

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If I had had the chance to learn Latin as these guys are teaching it, I wouldn't have switched to modern languages after two years. This 28-year-old director, Enrique Cruz, has, with his La Mancha Productions, given us a look at the Latin male sex machine that is credible, down-to-earth, and damned right hot! The sex is mouth watering and fulfilling. You'll certainly want to take part in this big-dicked fuck-a-friend romp if only as a voyeur. Donnie Russo is fantastic as the "older" guy in this flick. He is hot and enjoys giving as well as getting in his exchange with Kiko. If mocha and chocolate are your favorite flavors, Enrique Cruz has whipped up a fantastic dessert for you.

2010-12-08 12:49:05
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