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I hate to be controlled

As the scene opens, we find T-Bow working in the shop when the plant manager, Pickwick walks in. Pickwick stops to ask what T-Bow is doing and doesn't like the tone of voice that Pickwick uses.

Let me give you a little background before proceeding. T-Bow is recently out of prison and in rehabilitation as part of the release program and introduction back into society. Pickwick has volunteered to work with the program directors, however, his reasons are two-fold. One, he gets cheap labor. Two, he can pick and choose the men that come to work at the plant. You see, Pickwick has an eye for good looking guys and having been in prison, well, you get the idea. I'm sure you've heard the stories of what goes on inside the prisons between prisoners. Anyway, back to the video.

Not liking the tone of voice that Pickwick used, T-Bow stops what he is doing and gets in Pickwick's face about it. After a few words are exchanged and a couple slaps to the face, Pickwick gets up close and personal with T-Bow's thick cock. While sucking T-Bow, T-Bow reaches down and slips off the tie that Pickwick is wearing and uses it as a cock ring; slipping it under his big ball sack and around his cock it makes for a sexy scene.

Next we see Pickwick bend over a work table and T-Bow gets down to some serious rimming action. Both of these men have a lot of sex appeal and great bodies. T-Bow with his all natural manscape and Pickwick slightly trimmed.

It isn't long and T-Bow slips his thick cock into the awaiting ass of Pickwick. Not wanting to cum yet, T-Bow stops to enjoy some more rimming action as he lays Pickwick back on top of the work table. At this point, watching T-Bow and Pickwick, I think they both enjoy the rimming as much as the hard pounding action we just watched. At one point, the cameraman zooms in and T-Bow tells Pickwick to wink his smooth sweet asshole at us... I about blew my load at this point!

Ready for some more hard pounding, T-Bow slips back into that sweet ass and the two men almost tear the work table from the wall as the action gets hot and heavy. The scene breaks away and we see the two men standing up jerking themselves off while doing some heavy lip locking. The cameraman appears to be lying down on the floor shooting upwards from below the two men and we get (IMO) one hot fucking view. I have no idea how they missed the camera itself when these guys unload streams of cum, but I'm sure the cameraman wasn't so lucky (if you wanna call that luck).
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