RedHotStraightBoys [RHSB] - Milking Machine Collection (Wes Smith, Owen Thompson and Dylan York)

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Wes and the Milking Machine -
Wes is a 25-year-old straight boy who has the face of a movie star and the body of superhero. Just seeing him naked is a treat. Today, Tom massages Wes for a while and then gets him off with a masturbation machine. But it doesn’t end when Wes cums. Tom keeps the machine going for a bit of post orgasm play (also known as post orgasm torture) which has Wes gasping and grunting as he writhes about. Wes clearly enjoys the machine getting him off, but doesn’t care much for its use post-orgasm. Asked how he liked the machine, Wes says he’s never felt anything like it before, but that it won’t substitute for a woman.

Owen and the Milking Machine -
Hot 19-year-old straight boy Owen is back for another video. Owen has it all. He has a lean, muscular body and a round bubble butt. He's hung and he has an amazing face, too. He's grown used to women and men throwing themselves at him (the former he considers and the latter he rejects). He has all the sex he wants, but he's never had an experience like the one he has today.

Owen doesn't know what will happen in today's video. He has never seen a sex machine, and he doesn't know that Tom owns one. Tom tells Owen to strip down and straps him to the massage table. He then lubes him up and lets the sleeve of the milking machine suck Owen's cock in. As Owen later admits, the machine feels great as it strokes and sucks on his cock. Owen enjoys it for quite a while before cumming.

That's when Owen would prefer it to stop. Tom, however, is not done. He lets the machine keep stroking Owen's now sensitive cock, causing Owen to spasm and grimace during a minutes-long session of post orgasm play. When it's all over, Tom pulls the milking sleeve off of Owen's cock and dumps Owen's thick load on his chest.

Dylan and the Milking Machine -
Dylan is a hot 21-year-old straight boy with a huge dick. He is very self-confident and certain that he is as hot as any guy around. He had no problem doing a solo video because he believes people should want to see him in porn. However, doing anything with a guy was a really tough choice for Dylan.

Dylan had refused repeated offers to do anything sexual with a guy before this video. Finally he agreed to a massage video in which Tom would massage him and jerk him off. He gave Tom the standard straight-boy warning that he might not be able to get hard, and Tom told him he would take that risk (Tom's standard response).

Tom jerks Dylan off and then hooks him up to a masturbation (milking) machine. Dylan is nervous and more than a little freaked out that a man's able to get him hard. After being jerked off and connected to the milking machine, Dylan finishes on his own, shooting a huge load on his abdomen. Dylan's a bit grossed out by having his cum (even though it's his own) on him. He told Tom that was the first time he ever purposefully came on himself.
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