Naked Justice Beginnings #3

Comic & Yaoi
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NAKED JUSTICE is having a really bad day! Has he met his ultimate match in the diabolical DOCTOR SILVERFISH?

After the disappearance of TRIP, the UNRIVALED ALLIANCE’s fearless leader, NJ and his friends have fallen prey to Silverfish’s evil plot for revenge. With his powers severely on the fritz thanks to his nemesis’ scientific prowess, our hung and hunky ginger-haired hero has to rely on HORSEFLY, his miniature teammate for a timely rescue.

While Silverfish prepares to reveal the final twist in his twisted plan, GLOW WORM wakes up in a dark and dingy dungeon where he discovers that Trip’s powers have been turned against the Alliance.

Naked Justice and his friends struggle against Silverfish but soon come to learn why the villain thirsts for vengeance. Is Silverfish’s heart truly evil, or has necessity led him down this gnarled and twisted path?

Regardless, Silverfish is intent on crushing his enemies, and if NJ can’t regain the upper hand, he and the Alliance are in for total annihilation.
2015-11-20 21:44:11
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