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Get ready for MEATY #3... The CLASS COMICS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: The TRICK edition!

Jacko the Halloweener has decided to jump into the spotlight  again! As our official Class Comics Halloween Ambassador, he's decided to outdo himself this year and spread his own mischievous version of Trick and Treating as far and wide as he possibly can!

The Halloween Special is different from the first two Meaties in that it's the result of the combined efforts of several artists and creators! We invited a TON of artists to take part in this spine-chilling event! In the end, almost EIGHTY creators are represented across the Trick and the Treat editions of the CLASS COMICS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Meaty!

All of your favorite Class Comics boytoons are featured in this SPOOKTACULAR 2-part book, and they're all in for a heck of a raunchy Halloween joy-ride. These two volumes are bursting with hard toon cock and buckets of beautifully festive jizz. Check out the TREAT EDITION as well!

The Trick Edition has 70 pages and the Treat Edition also has 70 pages. Each has different art and features some of the brightest, most talented names working in Gay Erotic Comics today! Check out the entire list of artists on this page, and make sure you visit their websites to enjoy more of their art!

If you love Halloween as much as we do, this two-part MEATY is THE book for you. This year, celebrate Halloween in a way you will NEVER forget and download both editions today!

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