BTSPASS - Pierre

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Tough young hetero Pierre believes that he's unshakeable. Macho men like this are taught not to show any emotion, but here he's taken to the extreme and experiences the intensity of being bound and sexually used by a sadistic man. He arrives here not knowing anything about the sordid and pervy things we get up to, but sees it as quick easy money that will fund parties with his girlfriend. Pierre can stare Dave in the eyes and say he's not afraid, but his tone soon changes when he experiences the all-consuming fear of losing all control and being sexually humiliated for our pleasure. Dave efficiently binds his hands and arms behind his back. Once he's unable to fight back the reality of his situation sinks into his thick skull. With his nipples clamped all Dave has to do is gently tug on them to cause excruciating pain for this straight man and he humbly must follow wherever he's led. As he becomes more constricted and as his warm virgin arsehole is probed for the first time, Pierre feels terror surge through every inch of his manly body. This is how to systematically humble a hetero and turn him into a freely available piece of meat. The only resistance he's able to give is the look of sheer fury in his eyes.
2023-07-06 15:49:52
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