William Higgins - Robert Remus Erotic Solo

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Robert Remus is aged 23. He lives in Cesky Krumlov where he also works. In his spare time Robert enjoys sports, athletics and fitness. He seems very relaxed as he sits on the bench and does his interview. Then he stands up and takes off his tee shirt to show off his hot chest. He flexes his biceps too, turning around as well. Then Robert takes down his pants, removing them to stand in just his underwear as he answers more questions. The underwear is removed too, showing his cock which pokes out in front. Turning around he reaches back to spread his ass cheeks, exposing his hot hole. Then he faces forward again and sits down and begins to wank his cock. That cock soon gets hard in his hand as he wanks it. That stiff dick stands proud as Robert then lays back and raises his legs to show off his hot ass hole. He wanks on his stiff dick as he shows off the hole, with the soles of his feet displayed as well. As he wanks with one hand the other reaches to pull on the ass as the hot hole is exposed. Robert wets a finger and slides it into that tight hole as he keeps wanking his dick. The finger goes in nice and deep as he gently fucks his hole. The the finger comes out and both hands spread the ass cheeks wide apart. Robert then turns over and kneels to present that ass again as he wanks his dick down between his legs. Again both hands spread the ass cheeks wide, pulling on that tight hole. Sitting on the bench again Robert wanks that cock hard. As the balls get tight Robert pushes his cock forward to release the hot cum onto the floor and over his left thigh. He continues to wank on the cock to milk it dry. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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