UOMOTV-it s yahir time

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UOMOTV-it.s yahir time

Yahir cute Latin guy who with his big dick often broke the hearts of, well, assholes of course,
the rest of the guys gays in his entourage. His brown skin and huge cock madden a lot of people.
When he shot the gun out of his sperm gushed a hot stream.

Yahir is a big pinga papi that hustlers gays. He was very active a while ago using that big cock to make money.
He was shot and disappeared for a while and I was surprise to see that he was still sling that cock.

Yahir is a 20 year old straight unemployed hustler, he agreed to do a solo.
I was a little nervous, but when I meet him I was very surprised because he was very laid back.
He has a huge cock. He told me he lets guys suck his cock for money and he has fucked gay guys.
He said he is totally a top and only fuck around with guys for money.
But I was surprised he wanted to see my cock after the session; he said he was still horny.
Needless to say, we had a great time and he is definitely fooling around with guys for something other than money.
Maybe in the future we can get him to do a duo.

I would love to say many things about Romeo, but sadly, he is not a guy that is outspoken, he is shy and quiet.
Really all can tell you are that he does consider himself a regular guy and whenever girls tell him he has a HUGE cock,
he just laughs and reply it's just normal. WTF? Well, cause there is not much to say,
make up our own personal Romeo story, while we enjoy his delicious body, eyes and persona and I did mention his dick too?

Bazil and Fer have been best friends for a while. Even though we are the 4th largest exporter of oil to the US,
young people here are finding it hard to make ends meet.
Mana, a Latin rock group was coming to town and a lot of guys were looking for money.
Bazil came by and wanted to do a solo but the only thing I had available was a duo.
Twenty minutes later he came back with his best friend Fer and said, ''let's make a deal.''
I explained exactly what I wanted, they were a little hesitate at first but they soon warmed up to make a hot duo.
I really believe these two have done this before.

We have several guys with several different talents. Well, Vincente came over and showed us his talent.
This is a point of view (POV) video for ass lovers it's all about his ass and what he can do with it.
Vincente has been with some guys with huge cocks, but said nobody can get him off like our ''not so little friend.''
Vincente came over hoping for some action with a guy, with one of the largest cocks I've ever seen.
But when that guy didn't show, Vincente said he would make a better show alone. Judge for yourself and this papi is hot alone as well as with others.

I just love close-ups. So, this video is all about REAL CLOSE. We got our hung Yahir and our ''always willing'' Guille together.
After all the right process, they got into action and what a fuck. No much to say, just enjoy and lust these 2 horny guys.
Bareback scene

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