Bijou Video- Below The Belt (California Dream Machine Productions) (Pre-Condom) (1986)

Daddies / Sons
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Chad Douglas, he of the masculine, hairy body, runs a karate school where the students seem to prefer the erotic arts to the martial arts in this video release.

Blond, innocent-looking Jim Steele (with a very big uncut dick!) is a sex partner for more than one other guy and he takes both a Greek active and Greek passive role.

The action begins after a martial arts class in the shower. Here, Michael Ram (a.k.a. Bull Matthews) gets his thick dick sucked by Jordan Moore. Finishing their shower with a continuing suck and fuck session, Steele is seen voyeuring them from outside, his eyes popping out of his head and has hands on his crotch. Of note are the wonderful shots of Steele's cock as it sticks straight up while hard.

Next, the men dress and pack in the locker room. Soon it's just Steele and Grant West (a blond double for Steele), with West telling him about a recurring dream. In the dream sequence, a young Japanese man (Suhm Yung Mahn, who's portraying West) is tied up with a mysterious samurai (Chris Burns). Mahn is rescued by the karate instructor and gets fucked up the ass by him and an assorted crew of men (including a drop in from Matt Ramsey and Brian Michaels). The scene is very well produced and offers interesting sex and angles.

Meanwhile, the horny Steele makes a pass at West and ends up getting his rear-end plowed by him. Next, Scott O'Hara, David Ashfield and Michael Cummings (here billed as Kyle Adams) take photographs in the park. Soon, the verbal Ashfield and O'Hara have the guy pinned to the ground and fuck his hole hard, breaking into a frenzied three-way. This includes, at one point, David taking a double dick in the ass!

There is additional action (tall, blond Nick Schultz and his hairy buddy rimming asshole through a hole in torn B.V.D.s before sucking cock), and the film ends with Douglas and all the students having an orgy on the mats in the studio. West sucks Douglas's huge tool and gets his butt plugged by it.

The class wakes the sleeping sex players from a nap for their orgy, which includes: body worship of Douglas by O'Hara and Ashfield, lots of licking, and O'Hara taking Douglas's monster meat for a hearty fucking. Includes some of the best double-fucking ever filmed, as well as superior photography, editing, production, sexual performances, etc.!

Starring Chad Douglas, Chris Burns, Matt Ramsey, Brian Michaels, Nick Schultz, Scott O'Hara, Suhm Yung Mahn, Jim Steele, Jordan Moore, Michael Cummings, Michael Ram, David Ashfield and Grant West.

Directed by Philip St. John.

DVD features include Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Bijou Classic on DVD.
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