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Anis and his crew - Citebeur

Anis is a top Arab man of 23years with a good cock off, large and hard. Immigrant from Algeria, the guy is strong, naturally muscled man, with a hairy chest. He loves swimming and plays football (as you can see it on his muscled calves and thighs). He does not hang out in gay places, but occasionally he likes to fuck bottom guys when they have a good hairless ass or greedy mouth. Except this secret second life, Anis is 100% straight looking and acting, ans lives his happy straight life with algerian girlfriend, very cute but "not enough slut". She, of course, does not know anything. While she cleans-up their house, Anis is fucking bottom guys who do act like dirty bitches and who like to such his big arab dick for many hours. Well, you can't have everything in you life. So, sometimes you need to combine.

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Cooper is meeting up with Anis to service his cock and empty his balls. The hot guy is waiting in a chair, in his undies and legs opened. Cooper goes to work on the stud's crotch, licking his cock and balls through the undies. When the top gets up and takes his meaty pole out the boy is feasting on it and can't help but moaning from pleasure. When comes the time to get fucked, the moaning gets louder and louder...The boy's ass isn't used to such a huge dick!

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Hot gay arabian stud Anis fucks submissive french faggot Cazador in the cellar of his social building somwhere in France. Muscled arab stud gives his big arab cock to bitchy sucker, then he fucks hard the faggot's ass.

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In this video brings together the power and charm of North Africa! Two macho tops, one muscular and the other hairy, are about to encounter the biggest, sluttiest cock-sucker in Paris. He is called: YO! Under their hood, the tough dudes shout insults to the French sub in jockstrap shaking his ass at them. He's teasing them! A few cock-slaps to put him back in his place then his ass gets all their attention!

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Anis and his big arab dick. Watch that handsome muscled arab man wank his big dick and expose his great muscular hairy body in front of you. Anis is Algerian stud, 100% top bisexual who like to explose small butts with his gorgeous arab dick.


Anis's videos on Citebeur

Predator cock
Time: 16 min
Yo is addicted to Arab cocks. He tried to get away for a while, to forget about the anonymous studs waiting for him in the city's secret basements... After weeks of abstinence, he is back to get his greedy ass filled with big cock meet once again... Dominant Arab man is waiting for him in the basement, ready to rough fuck him like a bitch. Yo will agree to be fucked again, like many times before. One more big arab dick into his ass. That's his nature. He must be fucked hard, punished by cock for his desperate addiction to big dicks and for his hunger for love. While his ass is screaming for help, the arab master fuck him hard and push his cock even deeper into his hole. Poor Yo, once again he was satisfied in so hard way. And this is not going to end anytime soon. So many predator cocks are still waiting for him !

Sexualy used by two dominant arab men
Time: 19 min
So many times Yo dreamed about it - to be heavily fucked and used by two Arab guys and their big Arab dicks. This time, his dreaming are about to become reality. Two hooded guys broke into his apartment and attack his pretty ass: Walid the zobeur and Anis the Algerian muscled guy. Yo will be invited to suck the big arab dick of Walid and then will be fucked by Anis large and thick circumcized arab cock.

Nathan Hope first time fucked in ass
Time: 17 min
Hot french porn star Nathan Hope was 100% active all these years. He fucked so many pretty mouths and men's holes. But even for him it's time to learn about sodomy, and submission! Top arab fucker Anis is going to submit the french lad to his big circumcized arab cock. And guss what? Nathan discovers a hidden side of his nature. Submitted to that big cock, he feels now complete.

Hooded Ass-Fucker
Time: 18 min
Anis is starving! He needs his share of ass! He calls in the cute little ass-man Marc Humper down a basement. The Arab Stud unwraps the goods and put his bitch to work! The fuck can scream all he wants, there no one to hear him. The more it hurts, the harder Anis rides him. A bit of spit as lube and a few fingers to open him up, the rest is history. If you like it rough then you're in for a real treat!

Take that arab cock
Time: 20 min
Always hungry for som big arab cock, Jeff Cho is dating in a basement with Anis, the Algerian rascal with nice muscular body. The bitchy boy gets down on his knees and suck big arab dick with delicacy. Balls licking, lubrication of the cock, deep throat and face-fuck, the menu is complete, plentiful and rather spicy. After having satiated his deep throat, the time has come to have his ass filled with this monumental Arab cock which stands before him in all its splendor and harshness. Anis will take what belongs to him. He will fuck his little dog with no mercy. Since this morning that he wanted to sodomize a passive, good bitch.

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