Club 18-21 Young Hard & Solo 2 asf

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These young guys have fantastic bodies and the jack-off on their own for your entertainment (and you sure will be entertained!!!) Join these young guys as they stroke 'til it squirts!!!

Nothing but the best with this one!

One scene has a guy with long blond hair in a ponytail looking at himself in a large mirror as he slowly removes his shirt.
This reveals a nice muscular back and when he removes his low hanging jeans (!) we then see his nice firm arse. Totally naked, he enters the bathroom and slowly immerses himself in to the water where he covers himself with water, his body glistening. His attention (and yours!) then concentrates on his soft cut cock. Gently massaging it, it grows to it's full length - his stroking getting faster as it does. His stomach tenses up as he jacks' showing us what a nice 6-pack he has.
He then kneels in the bath, still jackin' away and the camera shot from behind is excellent as you see his arse tense up as he jacks' away. After some intense jackin' (you and him!) he shoots spurt after spurt over his gorgeous muscular body - you'll need a bath after watching this!!
another scene has a young short black hair guy with, again, a very muscular toned body, taking a shower. He makes sure that he soaps himself up ok, spending more time on his cock, with his large balls hanging nice and full.When he comes out the shower, he heads for the bedroom where he can study his body in the full-length mirror. His body shining from the oil he must have on, he soon becomes aroused and passion takes over as he starts to stroke his hardened cock, paying particular attention to the exposed head.He then lays down on the bed, face first, where he starts to rub his cock against the mattress and he really seems to enjoy fucking the mattress.When it gets close to the climatic end, with his muscles bulging, he turns over and jacks' his hard cock until he shoots stream after stream of cum - some shooting into his own face!!
In total, there are five extremely hot scenes - all featuring a young guy with a fantastic body, jackin' and shooting loads of cum for our viewing pleasure.
So, if you do like well toned young guys that like to enjoy their own bodies (and shoot loads of cum!) you will love this DVD!

Simon Rex, Sasha Maxwell, Bryan Madsen, Marcus Loe, Keith Peterson 

Director: Brad Posey
Studio: Club 1821

2013-08-18 12:44:31
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